Scout Report – Jahri Evans (OG)

  • Position: Offensive Guard
  • Previous Team: New Orleans Saints (Professional)
  • Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Age: 33,   Height: 6’4,   Weight: 318 lbs

Jahri Evans remains vigilant as he drops back into pass protection

Scouted Games – 1 (Week 2 @ Giants)

Blocking Record: (Week 2 @ Giants) 19-5-8, 59% Quality block, 84% Contention rate


  • experienced at the guard position
  • swift feet allows for constant movement where needed
  • constantly drives feet when block is innitiated
  • good spartan vision
  • actively aware throughout play
  • uses full body including arm length to seal holes in pass protection


  • Long arms of defenders tend to give him complications, prefers to attack body instead of arms when moves are used
  • Poor Climber, tends to lose blocks when climbing to the next level, on 3 separate occasions against the Giants, he climbed to the linebackers only to not block a single body
  • Slow when Pulling, Running backs get to the hole before he can get there, causing complications for the run game, especially on the inside
  • Tends to push rather than drive, which on a few occasions has allowed a DT to make a play on the run that they should not have


Evans’ blocking capability is quite an asset for teams if he is allowed to stay in his spot and block from the right. At his position, he has the ability to keep defenders at bay, and shows good awareness to the point where he can halt a blitzing Linebacker. The main concern is his pulling and climbing. His slow pull has caused a few plays to end with little to no yardage to be gained, which can be an issue for run heavy teams. Climbing wise, he has shown to either lose sight of his man, or lack the athletic capacity to keep up with quicker linebackers, meaning he is a lost body on outside runs.Despite this flaw, Evans is a very efficient blocker, posting what I recorded to be a 59% Quality block rate, and an 84% contention rate, making him a reliable guard for any offense on both pass and run.



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