Scout Report – Tanner McKee

  • Position: QB – West Coast Game Manager
  • College: Stanford
  • Position Rank: 8 of 8

Height: 6’6 | Weight: 230 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Jacob Eason

QB at a Glance: Prototypical pocket passer who gets the job done but lacks the “wow” factor you see in others

Arm Strength: BPocket Presence: CMobility: C-
Range/Pocket: C+Vision: C (HF)Pocket Movement: C
Range/Run: CDecision making: BDurability: A
Short Acc: B-Consistency: C+Size: A
Med Acc: C-Poise under Pressure: C+Top Speed: C-
Deep Acc: A-Experience: CSleight of Hand: C-
Sideline Acc: D+Blitz Radar: CSack Evasion: D
Acc/Run: C+Patience: BToughness: C
Ball Placement: B-Identify Coverage: B-Ballcarrier Ability: D
Ball Trajectory: C+Pre-snap Reads: B-Strength: C-
Touch/Pass: B-Recklessness/Ball: C+Power: C-
Throw Mech: CRecklessness/Body: C+Stamina: C
Footwork: CLevels Awareness: CBalance: C
Sell PA/RPO: C-Progressions: C+
Zip/Pass: C+Improvisation: D
Anticipation: B-
Eye Discipline: B
GRADE: 2.23 (C+)GRADE: 2.33 (C+)GRADE: 2.03 (C)


  • 2 year starter
  • 5th highest interceptions in Pac-12 (8)



+ Better than average arm strength with a range of roughly 60 yards
+ Efficient short yardage thrower
+ Deceptively good deep thrower who is capable of finding and exploiting lax cover over the top
+ Experiments with ball placements on throws, high potential thrower
+ Clean releases keep those spirals tight and passes catchable
– Experimental throws can cause unnecessary blunders when dealing with medium range tosses
– Sideline accuracy is weak, usually hitting his targets low or behind
– Weak throwing mechanics and footwork will see him stumbling around or getting caught off the backfoot
– Could not sell the play action to a gullible blind man


+ Sound decision making keeps his offense going
+ Patient player with the wits and mind to be slow and methodical on the drive
+ Competent sense of cover schemes and finding the holes in the defense
+ Has recognized tells before the snap with some consistency
+ Capable of anticipating openings and breaks in the route, putting the ball where the route will be open in the near future
+ Disciplined player who keeps his head up and eyes down field even when pressured
– Pocket presence as a whole is nothing special, does not show a great feel for pressure
– Only a half field passer, struggles to scan the entire field on passing plays
– Lacks the experience you would like to see as he is only a two-year starter
– Does not seem to recongnize where blitzes are coming from, often getting his shaken or hit
– Struggles with levels as he goes through progressions, specifically crashing safeties
– Absolutely atrocious at improvising


+ No durability problems
+ Excellent size standing at 6’6 and weighing 230 lbs
– Little to no mobility compared to others
– Does not have the fluidity within the pocket others possess, stands as a statue resulting in easier pressures from the DLine
– Slow
– Rigid movement and agility will not see him shaking sacks often
– Do not expect him to pick up yardage
– Does not display any level of notable strength or power in the field of play


Plays Like: Andy Dalton

Draft Placement: Rounds 5-7

Status: Long-Term Project

Ceiling: NFL Backup

Floor: Out-of-League

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