Scout Report – Malik Cunningham

  • Position: QB – Option Scrambler
  • College: Louisville
  • Position Rank: 7 of 10

Height: 6’1 | Weight: 190 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Nick Mullens

QB at a Glance: Athletic RPO/Triple-Option QB capable of being a threat with both his arm and his legs.

Arm Strength: CPocket Presence: BMobility: A
Range/Pocket: C+Vision: B- (P-FF)Pocket Maneuver: B-
Range/Run: C+Decision-Making: CDurability: A
Short Acc: D+Consistency: CSize: C
Med Acc: C-Poise under Pressure: C+Top Speed: B
Deep Acc: DExperience: ASleight of Hand: B
Sideline Acc: DBlitz Radar: ASack Evasion: B
Acc/Run: CPatience: CToughness: B+
Ball Placement: CIdentify Coverage: C+Ballcarrier Ability: A
Ball Trajectory: CPre-snap Reads: CStrength: B
Touch/Pass: B-Recklessness/Ball: BPower: B
Throw Mech: BRecklessness/Body: C+Stamina: A
Footwork: A-Def Position Awareness: CBalance: A-
Sell PA/RPO: B+Progressions: C+
Zip/Pass: B-Improvisation: B
Anticipation: C
Eye Discipline: B
GRADE: 2.19 (C)GRADE: 2.58 (B-)GRADE: 3.28 (B+)


  • 13th Highest Pass Completion Percentage in ACC History (62.6)
  • 14th Most Career Passing Yards in ACC History (9960)
  • 10th Most Career Passing Touchdowns in ACC History (70)
  • 8th Highest Passer Efficiency Rating in ACC History (151.8)
  • 4th Most Rushing TDs in ACC (12)
  • 3rd most Career Rushing TDs in ACC History (50)
  • Best Game: v. USF
    • 14/22 | 186 Pass Yards | 1 TD | 9 att | 113 Rush Yards | 3 Rush TD
  • Worst Game: @ Syracuse
    • 16/22 | 152 Pass Yards | 2 INT | 13 att | 34 Rush Yards



+ Provides an arc that can punish lagging safeties or broken coverage up top
+ Shows promise with his touch
+ Solid throwing mechanics including strong base and a quick release
+ Great footwork ensures he is always a threat to bomb it or take off in a pinch
+ Excellent at making the LBs bite on the Play Action or forcing a lingerer to bite on the option
+ Can put some heat behind his throws to get the ball into tight windows
– Average arm strength
– Range in the pocket seems to top off at roughly 55 yards placing him within his class’ distance range
– Lackluster range on the run
– Struggles to maintain consistency around the field, especially struggling with attacking the deep ball and sidelines, will require adjustments from receivers when making field side throws
– Does not attempt to utilize the full range of his receivers, limiting his potential targets on a given throw


+ Good spatial awareness to know when the pocket is cracking and eject
+ Potential to be a full field passer
+ Four years of experience place him among the most experienced of his peers
+ Excellent peripherals to sight the blitz and punish the defense
+ Smart with the ball, not taking too many risks when the situation does not call for it
+ Capable of adjusting to a failed plan and improvising on the fly, thrives within chaos
+ Eyes stay up to scan the field even when forced out of the pocket, will punish any defenders who leave their assignments to pick him up
– Decision-making can be questionable at times, especially in regards to whether to run or not
– Consistency struggles against high level opposition who can make him uncomfortable
– Relies on his legs too often, allowing for defenses to shake his confidence in the offense and leave his blockers
– Can be impatient, especially on longer plays, resorting to either forcing a throw into a premature route or taking off
– Can be reckless with his physical wellbeing, taking hits he otherwise shouldn’t
– Struggles to maintain awareness of shifting defense, often losing LBs and Safeties who shift laterally to his reads
– Shallow progressions compared to peers, only really a two-read QB with a run prompt after the second look
– Lacks the ability of foresight to notice where the openings will be, allowing for defensive shifts and wandering coverage to bluff their assignments with ease


+ The absolute best running QB in the class and it’s not even close
+ Promising ability to dance within the pocket, though often overshadowed by his desire to take off
+ 4.55s projected top speed leave him as one of the faster QBs in class
+ Shifty hands can make for some miraculous underhand throws or wind ups to keep the defense on their toes
+ Nimble feet and great balance can dip and duck around extended arms of the DL
+ Shows no sign of backing down from known hitters
+ Shows signs of higher strength and power than others, capable of stiff-arming weak defenders or chopping his feet and pwoering his way forward for much needed extra yards
+ High fitness lets him run circles all game long
– Smaller frame including being nearly 30lbs underweight
– The more physical aspect of his play may not translate to the NFL as he is now


Plays Like: Lamar Jackson

Draft Placement: 6-7 Round

Status: Long-Term Project

Ceiling: System QB

Floor: Practice Squad / XFL Starter

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