Scout Report – Will Levis

  • Position: QB – Strong Arm Game Manager
  • College: Kentucky
  • Position Rank: 7 of 8

Height: 6’3 | Weight: 232 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Nate Stanley

QB at a Glance: Tough-as-nails QB who is not afraid to play unorthodox to get a win

Arm Strength: A- Pocket Presence: B-Mobility: B-
Range/Pocket: BVision: C+ (HF)Pocket Movement: C
Range/Run: B-Decisionmaking: C+Durability: B+
Short Acc: CConsistency: CSize: B
Med Acc: D+Poise under Pressure: B-Top Speed: B-
Deep Acc: CExperience: C+Sleight of Hand: C+
Sideline Acc: DBlitz Radar: CSack Evasion: D
Acc/Run: C-Patience: BToughness: B
Ball Placement: CIdentify Coverage: C+Ballcarrier Ability: C
Ball Trajectory: C+Pre-snap Reads: CStrength: C
Touch/Pass: C+Recklessness/Ball: C+Power: C-
Throw Mech: BRecklessness/Body: BStamina: B
Footwork: C+Levels Awareness: C+Balance: C
Sell PA/RPO: AProgressions: B-
Zip/Pass: AImprovisation: C-
Anticipation: C+
Eye Discipline: B+
GRADE: 2.37 (C+)GRADE: 2.42 (C+)GRADE: 2.25 (C+)


  • Football Academic All-America of the Year (2022)
  • 3rd Highest Passing Interceptions in SEC (10)
  • 5th Highest Pass Efficiency Rating in SEC (151.9)
  • 21st Highest Career Pass Efficiency Rating in SEC History (149.9)
  • Best Game: v. NIU
    • 18/26 | 303 Pass Yards | 4 TD | 9 att | -10 Rush Yards
  • Worst Game: @ Tennessee
    • 16/27 | 98 Pass Yards | 3 INT | 5 att | -22 Rush Yards | 1 Tackle



+ Excellent arm strength to get the ball deep in no time, can also throw off back foot or while wrapped up and still get the ball past half-field
+ Range in pocket sits at around 65 yards, placing him well above his draft class who average around 55 yards
+ Effective Range on the run sits around the 35 yard mark, making him among the better out-of-pocket throwers
+ Solid throwing mechanics with a strong base and ability to throw overhead, 45, and sidearm with little taken away in terms of efficiency
+ One of the best at selling the play action or any RPO variant, can make even the best defenders bite
+ When given time, can put power behind his ball to get depth without putting an arc on it allowing him to hit targets downfield quickly
– Struggles to lay off the shorter throws, often hitting them overhead and with too much force requiring his receivers to adjust and lose precious seconds of their ability to play the field
– Accuracy at the medium depth is not where you want it from a strong arm prospect, will often underthrow the route, letting defenders playing behind to make a move on the ball
– Sideline accuracy is pathetic given the pure throwing ability, struggles to hit the route in motion often requiring adjustment or a complete abandon of the route to play the ball
– Misreads traffic and improvised routes from his receivers when breaking the pocket, often times either sending the ball to low or lobbing a throw to a receiver that was close enough to not need it
– experiments with ball placement and trajectory but on the whole does not utilize them too much compared to other prospects
– Loses the tight spiral when he anchors himself in the ground the sling it, often sending high power throws deep while also being a wobbly mess
– When spooked can lose his footwork fundamentals, causing him to make throws off the backfoot when he does not need to


+ Solid internal clock and pocket presence to know when the ball needs to get out or when he needs to bail
+ Shows an even keel when the pressure gets put on
+ Is patient enough to allow his routes to form, lets the game come to him as opposed to trying to force something
+ Protects himself well
+ Has the potential to be a deep progression player if given the tutilage
+ Disciplined awareness keeps him from getting tunnel vision when flushed from the pocket
– Only a half-field passer
– Can make questionable decisions, such as passing up a wide open drag in favor of a 1v1 deep
– Experience is fine but below the standard within his class
– Loses track of blitzers enough times for it to be problematic on a drive
– Hit or miss on dissecting coverage reads
– Does not do a great job finding the tells on defense before the snap occurs
– Loses track of levels when playing high-low, if the first read is a deep route and the second is an underneath such as a fin he tends to lose track of the sitting LBs allowing for easy pickings from those within range
– For whatever reason does not direct traffic if ever asked to break pocket, meaning he may have receivers downfield but he does not tell them where to go to make a play
– Does not have the foresight to recognize when a route is going to be open on a break or as coverage shifts


+ Mobile enough to move around and pick up yardage
+ No durability problems to speak of
+ Within average size of an NFL QB at 6’3 232 lbs
+ Acceptable top speed though nothing awe-inspiring
+ Tough SOB who does not shy from conflict, contact, or competition
– Lacks the shiftiness to maneuver within the pocket
– Is not a particularly dangerous ballcarrier
– Lacks notable upper or lower body strength and power to fight through contact and will pretty easily fold against any defender


Plays Like: Alex Smith

Draft Placement: Rounds 2-4

Status: Long-Term Project

Ceiling: NFL Backup (XFL Starter)

Floor: Out of League

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