Playstyle Glossary: Quarterback

The following are terms I use to describe a Quarterback’s playstyle. This is what my definition of the terms. This list is a constant work in progress.

Dual Threat: The Medium Rank in QB Mobility level. A QB who is just as likely to leave the pocket as he is to stand inside of it.

Field General: A QB who makes numerous pre-snap reads and adjustments at the line

Game Manager: The low rank in QB risk taking: A QB who does not gamble and prefers to play it safe, or is not used heavily in a team’s offense. See also Low Risk

Gunslinger: The high rank in QB risk Taking. A QB who regularly gambles on tough throws and deep bombs.

Mobile: The Aggressive Rank in a QB’s Mobility level. A QB who consistently leaves the pocket. Unlike Scramblers, Mobile QBs tend to look for open receivers rather than take off themselves.

Playmaker: The medium rank in QB risk taking: A QB who gambles sometimes on risky throws in order to make plays happen, but does not do this habitually.

Pocket Passer: The low rank in QB Mobility. A QB who prefers to stay in the pocket unless absolutely necessary to leave.

Read Option: A QB who follows through on reads, regardless of a play’s progression. Most common, if the first option is not there, QB will throw it to the check down or run rather than make another read.

Scrambler: The Aggressive Rank in a QB’s Mobility level. A run first QB who regularly leaves the pocket. Unlike Mobile, Scramblers tend to become ball carriers when they leave the pocket.

Strong Arm: A QB who prefers deep passes when available, independent of the level of risk.

West Coast: A QB who prefers shorter, quicker passes to deep routes when available.

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