QB Prospect Rankings: Week 3

Week 3 saw the rankings shift with two injuries removing top 10 spots going into week 3. For those who are unaware, the way I do my rankings goes as follows:

  • Injured players are removed from the rankings, only after they have returned to play are they allowed to compete and be added back into the rankings. They will resume in the same spot as they were before the injury
  • Players with bye weeks retain their spots. No other player may drop their rank, and no holes may allow bye week players to move up.

K.J. Costello’s injury opened up the top spot to be taken for the week, and none other than Fromm moves up to claim the top spot until Stanford’s QB returns.

#1 Jake Fromm – Georgia

  • Previous rank: #2
  • Trend: +1

Fromm did not do anything crazy this week, maintaining small numbers against Murray State. He continued to showcase his solid fundamentals and mechanics in an easy win, making him an easy contender to fill the void left by the Costello injury.

#2) Nate Stanley – Iowa

  • Previous Rank: #4
  • Trend: +2

Stanley is one of the most mechanically gifted QBs eligible for the draft, and against Rutgers, he again showed his level headed, methodical playstyle marching down the field.

#3) Tua Tagovailoa – Alabama

  • Previous Rank: #3
  • Trend: –

Tua maintains his place in the big 3, but does not move up because of his nagging bad habit of staring down his receivers. While his athleticism is superior to almost every other QB, when you are competing against solid pocket passers like Stanley, Fromm, and Costello, being the most athletic will not cut it if that aspect of your game is inferior because of bad habits.

#4) Kellen Mond – Texas A&M

  • Previous Rank: #6
  • Trend: +2

This week Mond took on the #1 team in the nation in Clemson, and came out looking pretty good. While his stats will not stick out to you, and he did end up losing the game, what should be noted is his ability to play through pressure and what he managed to make happen on the offensive side of the ball. With Costello coming back from injuries, and King finishing his bye week, only time will tell if Mond can hold onto his top 5 spot.

#5) D’eriq King – Houston

  • Bye Week

#6) Joe Burrow – LSU

  • Previous Rank: #7
  • Trend: +1

In a top 10 matchup between Burrow’s LSU against Ehlinger’s Texas, Burrow showed out, and showed by he is superior. Pocket presence, accuracy, and decision making was all on point in a tough ranked matchup.

#7) Justin Herbert – Oregon

  • Previous Rank: #8
  • Trend: +1

Herbert showed he has the ability to dissect defenses, and has the potential to stand in the pocket and play like a conventional QB. It also does not hurt that he is one of the most explosive QBs in the college game. I still want to see more of his vision and mental aspects before he legitimately cracks the top 5.

#8) Jordan Love – Utah State

  • Previous Rank: #12
  • Trend: +4

Love showed a complete game against Stony Brook. While I do have to knock him for the lack of competition, what Love did show was his fundamentals and mechanics, as well as the foundation his play is against. On his peak day against a very outmatched opponent, Love showed his fundamentals are where they need to be.

#9) Ryan Willis – Virginia Tech

  • Previous Rank: #14
  • Trend: +5

Similar to Jordan Love, Willis did not have a tough opponent, and so the focus was more on how his fundamentals and his developed game played out when put in a clearly advantageous situation. He didn’t show has much as Love, but he did show he has potential in his vision and field awareness. Whether or not that maintains itself in the face of real pressure remains to be seen.

#10) Sam Ehlinger – Texas

  • Previous Rank: #16
  • Trend: +6

Ehlinger was one of the few QBs who have legitimate competition this week, and he did not back down from the fight. While QBs cannot directly compete with each other on the field, Ehlinger and Burrow traded blow for blow, pass for pass during the entire duration of the LSU-Texas game, and while Ehlinger left with the loss, he showed he would not back down from a fight.

#11) Cole McDonald – Hawai’i

  • Previous Rank: #15
  • Trend: +4

#12) Steven Montez – Colorado

  • Previous Rank: #17
  • Trend: +5

#13) Anthony Gordon – Wash State

  • Previous Rank: #18
  • Trend: +5

#14) Kelly Bryant – Missouri

  • Previous Rank: #19
  • Trend: +5

#15) Charlie Brewer – Baylor

  • Previous Rank: #10
  • Trend: -5

#16) Mason Fine – North Texas

  • Previous Rank: #11
  • Trend: -5

#17) Jalen Hurts – Oklahoma

  • Previous Rank: #23
  • Trend: +6

#18) Elijah Sindelar – Purdue

  • Previous Rank: #24
  • Trend: +6

#19) Collin Hill – Colorado State

  • Previous Rank: #25
  • Trend: +6

#20) Khalil Tate – Arizona

  • Previous Rank: #27
  • Trend: +7

Everyone Else

  • #21) Anthony Russo – Temple (bye)
  • #22) J’Mar Smith – L Tech (-9)
  • #23) Drew Plitt – Ball State (+9)
  • #24) Jack Coan – Wisconsin (+19)
  • #25) Brady White – Memphis (+15)
  • #26) Shane Buechele – SMU (+16)
  • #27) Anthony Brown – Boston College (+10)
  • #28) Levi Lewis – Louisiana (+11)
  • #29) Jarrett Guarrantano – Tennessee (-)
  • #30) Jon Wassink – Western Michigan (-8)
  • #31) Logan Bonner – Arkansas State (-3)
  • #32) Jacob Eason – Washington (-6)
  • #33) Ross Bowers – Northern Illinois (-2)
  • #34) Jack Abraham – Southern Miss (-1)
  • #35) McLane Carter – Rutgers (-5)
  • #36) Kaleb Barker – Troy (bye)
  • #37) Stephen Calvert- Liberty (+7)
  • #38) Quinten Dormady – Central Michigan (-4)
  • #39) James Morgan – FIU (+3)
  • #40) Steven Duncan – Western Kentucky (-5)
  • #41) Brandon Jones – UTEP (-3)

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