Scout Report – Anthony Gordon

  • Position: Quarterback
  • College: Washington State Cougars
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 6 of 11
  • NFL Draft Tracker Position Rank:

Age: N/A | Height: 6’3 | Weight: 210 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Derek Carr


  • Most passing attempts in the nation (647)
  • Most pass completions in the nation (465)
  • 3rd highest pass completion percentage in the nation (71.9%)
  • 2nd highest career pass completion percentage in NCAA history (71.8%)
    • Highest in Pac-12 history
  • Most passing yards in the nation (5,228)
  • 2nd most passing TDs in the nation (45)
    • Most in the Pac-12
  • 4th highest pass efficiency rating in the Pac-12 (157.8)
    • 4th highest career PER in Pac-12 history
  • Best Game: v. UCLA (L 63-67)
    • 41/61 | 570 pass yd | 67.2% comp | 9 TD – 2 INT | 5 att | 21 rush yd
  • played against 3 ranked opponents
    • @ #19 Utah
    • @ #18 Arizona State
    • @ #11 Oregon
  • Second team All-Pac 12 (2019)


  • Strong ball placement makes use of entire receiver’s catching range
  • Excellent deep ball accuracy, can put the ball on the money over the shoulder, or in the chest
  • Has good awareness of where his receivers are at any given point
  • High usage in Washington State’s offense
  • Generally doesn’t try to force passes too many times
  • Shows a developed level of patience in waiting for the play to develop
  • Has the experience to make mature decisions, willing to live to fight another play
  • Prototypical pocket passer, understands the protection and will stand inside the pocket
  • Seems to recognize where blitzes are coming from
  • Consistently located the best option on the field and makes the play
  • Extra pressure does not scare him out of his playstyle
  • Awareness of the field and defensive positions 
  • Seems to be able to identify zone coverages and attack the holes
  • Capable of maintaining his accuracy on the run within 20 yards
  • Excellent touch on passes, especially at midrange
  • Excellent improviser
  • Adequate arm strength, but nothing too impressive
  • Range in the pocket is acceptable
  • Pressure does not affect distance he can throw
  • Accurate on short routes


  • Wonky throw mechanics, such as not rotating arm, chicken winging and/or rotating shoulders
  • Doesn’t keep himself grounded on quick throws, or throws in the back of the pocket
  • Slow pump fake messes up his rhythm, causing him throw himself off tempo
  • Has trouble hitting midrange sideline throws with good placement and accuracy
  • Lacks the agility to change stride quickly to escape pressure
  • Does not maintain footwork when maneuvering pocket, change of direction way too slow
  • Is not a scrambler by any stretch of the imagination
  • Slightly underweight
  • Little pre-snap adjustments and reads from a heavy usage QB
  • Does not have any capability to shake would-be sacks
  • Poor faker on PA/RPO
  • Holds the ball low to body, making strip sacks especially effective against him
  • Poor sleight of hand makes fakes, pump fakes, and pitches heavily telegraphed and predictable
  • Does not play with that level of toughness and tenacity you would like in a leader

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 5th – 7th Round
  • Plays Like: Aaron Rodgers
  • Ceiling: NFL Journeyman
  • Floor: 4 & Out


Gordon has been referred to as fool’s gold when it comes to the NFL draft, and with how many flaws he has in his game, it is not hard to see why. On paper, Gordon should be competing with Burrow for the top spot at the college level, after all he is first in yards, attempts, completions, and second in TDs. There is a reason he is not, his development level is all kinds of wack. Gordon’s mental game is pretty high compared to his peers; his recognition skills, poise in the pocket, and improvisation at top tier. He has a very matured sense of patience and decision making, and still remain effective even through so much usage game in and game out. What messes everything up is his passing mechanics. Mentally Gordon is a few steps away from potentially being NFL ready, but his throwing mechanics, maneuvering in the pocket, pass trajectory, and footwork are all completely underdeveloped. He does not maintain his footwork at all during plays, literally making him a sitting (or standing) duck in the pocket, his release is slow, his ball positioning when he is holding it is low. Everything about the mechanics of throwing a football is severely underdeveloped. This places Gordon in a rather precarious position, where his development level is both ahead of schedule, and severely lacking. Any team that takes him will need to improve his throw mechanics before they can do anything else, otherwise he is going to get beaten up in the pocket and strip-sacked time and time again.

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