Scout Report – Markus Bailey

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Mike/Off-ball
  • College: Purdue Boilermakers
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank:

Age: 23* | Height: 6′ | Weight: 235 lbs *age at time of NFL Draft*
NFL Size Comparison: Devin White

LB at a Glance: Highly intelligent player with loads of experience that lacks the athleticism or physical prowess to be an immediate impact


  • Most solo tackles in the Big Ten for the 2018 season (82)
  • 3rd most total tackles in the Big Ten for the 2018 season (115)
  • Best Game: @ Nevada (L 31-34)
    • 10 tackles (7 solo, 3 assists)
  • Worst Game: v. Vanderbilt (W 42-24)
    • 4 tackles (3 solo, 1 assist) | 1 sack
  • Semifinalist for Campbell Trophy


  • Within the average NFL size threshold at 6’ 235 lbs
  • Excellent experience as a 4-year starter
  • Shows consistency and impact on the stat sheet with season tackle numbers between 90-110+

——Physical —–

  • Average lateral movement
  • No significant drops in production and impact as the game goes on; No stamina issues
  • Versatile in usage on the field, impact can be widespread based on defensive scheme

—– Tackling —–

  • Can be aggressive when meeting the runner in the gap or in congestion, though not always
  • Tackling fundamentals are fine minus the fact he doesn’t roll or drive after wrap up
  • Reliable tackler, but is hindered by his lack of range

—–Run Defense——

  • Shows good instincts to feel where the offense is trying to go
  • Can play to flow pretty well unless runner bounces solo
  • Good run vision to see where the Back is and where the hole is forming
  • Average at reading through fakes, nothing too special
  • Strong and piercing gaze keeps track of runner in congestion

—– Pass Rush ——


—– Coverage ——

  • Great field awareness makes him a danger on inside zone or smaller zone responsibilities
  • Great awareness to find and target immediate threat, wheels and TEs will not slip by him
  • Smart player who positions himself in the best possible location to try and make a play
  • —– Mental —–
  • Mature player with the patience and responsibility to not overshoot or play reckless
  • Quite intelligent player who can diagnose plays quickly, and rarely gets tricked, high IQ
  • High usage, though numbers were significantly dropped due to injury this season


  • Low top speed for player his size with a 40 time around 4.8
  • Durability concerns with season ending knee injury

———- Physical —–

  • Not particularly strong, can be easily moved by blockers
  • Average play speed at the college level, concerns for the pro level
  • Poor agility and change of direction, places him in unfavorable situations against agile QBs
  • Little to no power when meeting contact in the gap or on the block

———– Tackling —–

  • Lacks hit power when making contact with the ball carrier
  • Does not drive his feet when wrapping up, most of his power comes from his initial pop
  • Weak grip and wrap off makes slipping out of his grasp fairly easy for most runners
  • Does not show aggressive mentality when meeting runners in the open field
  • Underwhelming range on the tackle because of the weak grip
  • Poor angle pursuit, finds himself chasing behind runners rather than working to cut them off

—– Run Stop ——

  • Slow pursuit speed, will not catch anyone from behind
  • Slow to crash downhill, often times meeting the RB at the second level than plugging the gap
  • Lack of physical & athletic prowess make physical toughness redundant

—– Pass Rush —–

  • Poor overall block shedding
  • Slow Initial burst off the snap, one of the last ones to react on the line
  • Lacks both speed and power when shooting the gap
  • Easily moved by Linemen, lacks the strength and base needed to maintain positioning
  • Little to no hand usage

—– Coverage —–

  • Lack of mobility makes him a liability on the outside zone where speed of WRs can torch him
  • Lacks the closing speed required to make a break on the ball when it is in the air

—– Mental —–

  • Fundamentally a reactive player
  • Does not show high levels of tenacity, does not usually play through when ball is away from him

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 5th Round
  • Ceiling: Sub Package
  • Floor: Practice Squad

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