Scout Report – Jordan Mack

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Off-ball
  • College: Virginia Cavaliers
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 9 of 15

LB at a Glance: Average LB with a good head for the game, but little else


  • 7th most sacks in the ACC (7.5)
  • Best Game: v. Florida State (W 31-24)
    • 13 tackles (5 solo, 8 assists) | 1 sack
  • Worst Game: @ Miami U (L 9-17)
    • 3 tackles (1 solo, 2 assists)
  • Campbell Trophy Finalist (2019)
  • Jim Tatum Award winner (2019)
  • 3rd-team All-ACC (2019)

Did not perform at the Combine


Within average size for NFL ILB at 6’3 241 lbs

4-year starter more than ideal

__________ Physical ____________________________________

Deceptively quick play speed can see him get into plays before others

Comes with the power to knock unfocused OL straight on their butts (Florida State)

Great lateral movement to pressure and thwart runners trying to bounce to the sideline

__________ Mental ___________________________________________

Fundamentally a proactive player

Runs with the tenacity that can scare any ball carrier not knowing where to go

Quick to diagnose plays

Seems to have a good level of football IQ

__________ Tackling __________________________________________

Brings a large pop with his pads when going for the tackle, can shake balls loose

Attacks with an intimidating level of aggressiveness

Adequate pursuit angles to chase behind someone

Angle tackling a positive

__________ Run Defense ______________________________________

Surprisingly good pursuit speed keeps him a threat even if the runner breaks to the next level

Seems ok at tracking the runner in congestion

Average vision

Not afraid of contact

__________ Pass Rush ________________________________________

Has a deceptively quick burst off the snap when asked to blitz

Can crash the gap on the blitz with swift intent

__________ Coverage _________________________________________

Aggressive enough to put pressure on the route

Can close the distance better than others in his position

Ok at man coverage, though struggles with faster or shiftier TEs 


Less than ideal top speed at 4.7 for 40 time

Injury concerns as 2019 season ended with ankle surgery

Fairly low production with only 5.75 average tackles/game

Little consistency game to game and season to season, 2017 was his peak year

__________ Physical _________________________________________

Poor agility and change of direction, can be caught running with his shoulders and not hips

Does not show many instances of strength in between the whistles

__________ Mental ___________________________________________

Can be reckless, biting down hard on runs and placing himself out of position

__________ Tackling __________________________________________

Lacks the adequate footwork on tackles to maintain positioning or pressure on a prolonged run or contact

Disappointing range on his reach, can make plays sometimes but is wildly inconsistent

Reliability can be hit or miss

Fairly weak grip, can be shaken off if runner withstands or evades initial pop

Tackling fundamentals need work

__________ Run Defense ______________________________________

Terrible at reading fakes, easily bites on PA

Poor play to flow, often being lagged behind on outside runs, or pushed upfield too easily

Lacks the speed to crash downhill and meet the runner

Surprisingly good pursuit speed keeps him a threat even if the runner breaks to the next level

Plays a little lagged behind, making his instincts appear dull

__________ Pass Rush ________________________________________

Lacks the power to force his way into the pocket, often stalling out early into contact

Does not keep himself positioned well through a block

Little to no hand usage

Lacks the force when meeting a block head on

Overall a poor block shedder

__________ Coverage _________________________________________

Poor awareness to notice the receivers around him or the cuts being made in his vicinity

Lack of awareness keeps him from positioning himself in advantageous spots, often being too far inside when asked to cover the flats, or being to close to the outside shoulder of the OT to cover the middle

Weak on zone coverage for both outside and inside

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 4th – 5th Round
  • Status: Long-term Project Player
  • Ceiling: NFL Sub Package
  • Floor: 4 & Out

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