Scout Report – Mykal Walker

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Off-ball, Adjuster, Edge
  • College: Fresno State Bulldogs
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 9 of 21

Age: 22 | Height: 6’3 | Weight: 230 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Fred Warner

LB at a Glance: Versatile player with experience at ILB, OLB, and Edge who can grow to be a productive defender


  • 10th most total tackles in the Mountain West (96)
  • 8th most solo tackles in the Mountain West (56)
  • Best Game: v. Nevada (L 28-35)
    • 11 tackles (5 solo, 6 assists) | 1 sack | 1 FF | 2 pass def
  • Worst Game: @ San Jose State (L 16-17)
    • 5 tackles (2 solo, 3 assists)
  • First team All-Mountain West (2018, 2019)
  • Defensive MVP of the 2018 Mountain West Championship (2018)
  • First-team All-Great Northwest Athletic Conference (2017) *Azusa Pacific


_____ Physical ________________________________

+ Above average top speed with a forty time of 4.65

+ No injury concerns

+ Solid production in 2018 and 2019 season

+ Above average strength, benched 20 reps, one more than the average (19)

+ Average power, posting either average or below average in the vertical jump (33.0 inches) and broadjump (122 inches)

+ Above average agility, with an unimpressive 3-cone time of 7.09s and top 3 time in the 20 yard shuffle at 4.25s

+ Good lateral movement to get sideline to sideline

+ Excellent play speed keeps him on pace with any other high motor player

+ High Motor player

– Lanky size, low weight for the height he has compared to other players

_____ Mental __________________________________

+ Good consistency with production week in and week out

+ Great development from 2018 to 2019, and even week 1 to 12

+ Proactive player who moves around the field looking to make plays

+ Tenacious player

+ Mature demeanor that does not play recklessly

+ Quick play recognition

+ Good football IQ

– Only a 2-year starter at the FBS level

_____ Tackling _________________________________

+ Extension is promising, increasing his tackle range

+ Good pursuit angles

+ Aggressive against runners

+ Reliable tackler

+ Ok grip

– Little pop behind his pads

– Lacks on his tackling fundamentals, especially in regards to squaring up or establishing balance

– Poor footwork when attacking, does not establish strong base and can be caught running narrow

_____ Run Defense _____________________________

+ Shows good instincts to understand play design

+ Excellent play to flow

+ Shows good vision in seeing the field and being aware of his surroundings

+ Quick crashing downhill

+ Excellent pursuit speed to chase down runners from behind

+ Great at tracking the runner in the backfield

– Not as physically tough as you would like from a LB

– Poor ability to make plays in congestion

– Lacks the ability to reliably find the hole and plug it

– Bites on fakes more than you would like

_____ Pass Rush _______________________________


  • Good initial burst off the snap
  • Quick shooting the gap, can slip through and cause chaos
  • Aware of his positioning in a block, and maintains the edge or positioning when playing a gap
  • Use of hands can catch unsuspecting OL off guard when coming from the interior
  • Better block shedding than other ILBs


  • Poor initial impact when meeting a block
  • Little power when shooting the gap sees him getting stalled early

_____ Coverage ________________________________


  • Athleticism makes him an effective QB spy
  • Keeps eyes on the QB, reading him to make plays
  • Good closing speed to close the distance when the ball is in the air
  • Quick backpedal can get him into his zone in a hurry


  • Poor man coverage skills, will not be able to effectively stick to versatile RBs
  • Does not pay attention to those around him when in coverage
  • Little to no pressure on routes that cross him
  • Little regard for positioning on the field when defending the pass


Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 4th – 6th Round
  • Status: Short-Term Project Player
  • Ceiling: NFL Starter
  • Floor: Special Teams

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