Scout Report – Trey Lance (QB)

  • Position: Quarterback – Strong Arm Pocket Passer
  • College: North Dakota State (FCS)
  • Position Rank:

Age: 20 | Height: 6’4 | Weight: 225 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Tom Brady

QB at a Glance: Solid player capable of sending a ball to the moon, but has glaring issues that hinder his otherwise great body of work

Eye Discipline – BMobility – B
Arm Strength – APocket Presence – BPocket Maneuverability – B
Range in Pocket – AVision – BDurability – A
Range on the Run – BDecision making – ASize – B
Range under pressure – AConsistency – ?Top Speed – B
Short Accuracy – APoise under Pressure – C+Sleight of Hand – B
Medium Accuracy – BExperience – CSack Evasion – C+
Deep Accuracy – C+Blitz Radar – DToughness – B
Accuracy on the Run – CPatience – BBallcarrier Ability – C+
Ball Placement – DIdentifying Coverage – BStrength (upper body) – B
Ball Trajectory – DPre-snap Reads – CPower (lower body) – D
Touch on Passes – ARecklessness w/ Ball – B
Throwing Mechanics – BRecklessness w/ Body – B
Footwork – BDefensive awareness – A
Selling the PA/RPO – BProgressions – A
Zip on throws – AImprovising – B
Sideline Accuracy – BAnticipation – C+
letter grades based on their comparison to others in their class, C is considered average


  • Walter Payton Award (2019)
  • Jerry Rice Award (2019)
  • 2x FCS champion (20182019)
  • First-team All-MVFC (2019)
  • MVFC Offensive Player of the Year (2019)
  • STATS FCS First-team All-American (2019)
  • 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game Most Outstanding Player
  • 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game Most Outstanding Player
  • 1-year starter for NDSU because season was canceled for COVID
  • 28:0 TD:INT ratio in 2018
  • 42 Total TDs in 2018, including 28 passing and 14 rushing TDs
  • 292 AP yards in only game of the 2020 season
  • 17-0 as starting QB


  • Excellent touch on his passes make even the hottest darts easily catchable
  • Footwork exactly what you want for a QB, strong base
  • Range on the run easily 30+ yardage
  • Good throwing mechanics with a quick and high release point
  • Throws one of the best fastballs in his class to squeeze in tight windows
  • Deep ball is promising, though some float away from him time to time
  • Quick hands and quick release combine to make him great a faking out defenses with PA/RPO
  • Strong arms can get the ball out even when wrapped up
  • Rusted up 2020 game still saw him lob the ball 60+ yards effortlessly and with little wind up
  • Acceptable short and medium range throws, though nothing particularly special
  • Can still be an accurate thrower to the sidelines
  • Tends to put throws into the dirt when having to throw on the run
  • Terrible placement and trajectory limit his otherwise stellar passing ability
  • Proves to be a patient player
  • Good pocket presence to know when the pocket is cracking
  • Great decision making, there is a reason he went so long without throwing an INT
  • Not reckless with the ball or his body
  • Capable of directing traffic when asked to improvise
  • 50-50 when getting spooked in the pocket whether he can stay composed or bails
  • Keeps his eyes downfield to see what his targets are doing
  • Capable of scanning the entire field on his reads
  • Excellent progressions and awareness allow him to use the entire field of play
  • Sometimes throws his receivers open, but does not do so on a regular occurrence
  • Seems to always know where to defense is positioning itself
  • Solid understanding of where to attack coverages in-game
  • Lacks the experience of others in his class as a 1-year starter
  • Absolutely loses the blitz after the snap, taking easy sacks in the pocket
  • Not very vocal or active of pre-snap calls or reads
  • Can be mobile if given the opportunity
  • Shifty QB who can maneuver the pocket without having to break it
  • No injury concerns to speak of
  • Good size at 6’4 225 lbs
  • Average-to-decent top speed with a projected 4.6 forty time
  • Good sleight of hand
  • Can be elusive and evade sacks, though not always consistently
  • Tough player who does not run away from congestion
  • Above average ballcarrier skills for a QB
  • Based on throw power, can assume he is very strong
  • Not not display any real sense of lower body power


Whether by coincidence or design, Lance can be seen as a Wentz 2.0. All of his skills are where you would want them to be for a draft prospect minus a few glaring flaws in his game. Biggest selling point is his arm, which going into his single game of 2020 as a rusty player still managed to effortlessly launch the ball a good 60 yards of air travel. It makes you excited what the range for a prime Trey Lance would be. The catch is that he is a basic passer who does not recognize pressure. Do not expect expert level Manning-like throws coming from Lance, at least not yet. I give you a warning, Lance could very well be overhyped by sports media, NDSU alumni, and coaching staff. He is good, but try to remember what kind of player he is before diving headfirst.

  • Draft Placement: 2nd Round
  • Plays Like: Carson Wentz
  • Status: Short-Term Project
  • Ceiling: NFL Starter
  • Floor: 3 & Out

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