Scout Report – Mitch Trubisky

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Previous Team: North Carolina Tar Heels (College)
  • Status: Draft Prospect

Age: 22, Height: 6’3, Weight: 220 lbs, Experience: 3 years (College)

Trubisky’s command of the huddle is second only to his poise when driving down the field
  • Average opposing defense rank: 48.5
  • Average opposing pass defense rank: 64.5

Trubisky stats.PNG


  • Superior mobility, both in the pocket and on the run. Trubisky has shown on multiple occasions his feet can get him out of binds and prolong the play, or pick up some much needed yardage.
  • Shows great understanding of the play, even when the pocket is collapsing. In one of the first drives against Florida State, Trubisky was able to not only evade the onslaught of D-Linemen, but also find his checkdown off the the sideline to make a play out of a disaster.
  • Has a very good foundation for throwing the football. Good technique for the most part guarantees a nice ball that is easily catchable.
  • Accuracy on the run is surprisingly good, can cause frustration for secondary who must cover the receiver, as Trubisky can, and if given the chance, will throw the ball their direction.
  • For a first year starter, shows excellent levelheadedness in the 4 minute offense, something that cannot necessarily be taught.
  • Excellent faker, making the play action pass his most deadly weapon. With a quick release and fast feet, the defender is almost forced to defend one of the other, allowing for an easy rush or quick pass.
Trubisky’s eyes are always downfield, and his feet allow him to prolong plays until he finds the open man


  • His deep ball is one of the worst and most inconsistent of the incoming class. He has on a regular basis overthrown what would be wide open, potentially touchdown carrying receivers.
  • Has a tendency to force passes into tight coverage, sometimes even double, in an attempt to make a play happen, even when such a move is not necessary.
  • Is an inexperienced player, only starting for a single season.
  • North Carolina heavily used bubble screens and other forms of screen passing in their offense, which in a few games padded the statline.
Trubisky is notoriously inaccurate with the deep ball, missing what could be touchdown scoring receptions


While it is understood to most in the realm of the NFL that Trubisky is a top 5 QB coming into the draft, the main question is whether or not he is worth a top 10 pick. Make no mistake, he is skilled at passing, and shows a good levelheadedness when the game is on the line, but that does not erase the fact that Trubisky, in all his glitz and glamour, is the most inexperienced Quarterback coming into the draft. He only ever started for a single season, and while his stats rank him the #10 QB in college, his play during high stress games, such as the Sun Bowl against Stanford, show he can easily fall into the habit of making poor mistakes. Winning wise, UNC finished with a record of 8-5, however if you eliminate non-D1 teams (James Madison & The Citadel), then UNC sits at a 6-5 record, and are 2-4 against AP ranked teams. His stat line against ranked teams is not so great either; his accuracy sits at 63%, much more honest than the 68% he has for the season, and his TD/INT is at 7/4, making him a fairly average QB against legitimate opposition. Going into the NFL, Trubisky’s main weapon will be his ability to draw out plays if needed. His athleticism is a huge asset at the QB spot. But his greatest concern will be his inexperience, as he is a fairly adequate passer against top defenses; However, against the best of the best in a QB driven league, adequate is not good enough. Given how he is now, I would expect his rookie season to look something akin to Mark Sanchez.

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