Scout Report – DeAndre Baker

  • Position: Cornerback
  • College: Georgia Bulldogs
  • Pre-Draft Position Rank: 2 of 41

Age: 22, Height: 5’11, Weight: 185 lbs, experience: 4 years (college)

Baker (18) possesses great swiftness to maintain pressure on man coverage
  • Average Offense rank: 60.7
  • Average Pass Offense rank: 56.3
stats from


  • Ranked 8th in the SEC conference in most pass deflections (9)
  • Ranked 5th in the SEC conference for most yards gained off INTs (81 yards)
  • Best Game: @ #24 South Carolina (W 41-17)
    • 6 total tackles (4 solo), 1 INT for 55 yds, 2 pass deflections
  • Played against 6 ranked opponents (4-2)
    • @ #24 South Carolina (W 41-17)
    • @ #13 LSU (L 16-36)
      • 4 total tackles (2 solo), 2 pass deflections
    • vs. #9 Florida (W 36-17)
      • 1 solo tackle
    • @ #9 Kentucky (W 34-17)
      • 3 total tackles (1 solo)
    • vs. #24 Auburn (W 27-10)
      • 4 solo tackles, 1 Pass Deflection
    • vs. #1 Alabama (L 28-35)
      • 3 solo tackles
  • Played against 2 high ranking offenses
    • Missouri, ranked 13th
    • #1 Alabama, ranked 6th
  • Played against 3 high ranking pass offenses
    • Missouri, ranked 22nd
    • Umass, ranked 14th
    • Alabama, ranked 6th
  • Jim Thorpe Award (2018)
  • Consensus All-American (2018)
  • First-Team All-SEC (2018)
  • Coaches 2nd Team All-SEC (2017)
  • Rose Bowl Champion (2018)
  • SEC Champion (2017)


  • Good man coverage skills keep the pressure on any receivers he covers
  • Excellent top speed
  • Good chase down speed, few players can get away from him in the open field
  • Good directional Mobility, can accelerate, maneuver, and change direction very quickly
  • Aggressive play keeps the pressure on any receivers
  • Good recovery if he ever gets shook


  • Not good at recognizing the run
  • Lackluster zone skills, has trouble jumping from one assignment to the other
  • Lack of assertiveness makes ballhawking weak
  • Relies heavily on the safety in the deep ball, giving offenses an advantage when they throw deep
  • Loosens coverage as the play goes on, can be exploited by a playmaking QB
  • Does not attack the run whatsoever
  • Struggles to maintain tight coverage on deep routes
  • Low motor, takes way too many plays off

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: Mid 1st-2nd round
  • Plays like: Tre’Davious White
  • Ceiling: NFL Starter
  • Floor: 4 and out


Baker annoys me. He possesses an elite level of mobility in the open field, an aggressive demeanor to attack the receiver and put the pressure on the offense’s timing, and can be a reliable safety net when tackling in the open field. Despite all of this, Baker simply does not try. He does not maintain pressure as the play drags on, his speed dips as he allows receivers more space on deep routes, he does not recognize plays as quickly as you would want him to, and he does not even attempt to crash down and defend the run. He is in all respects, a complete liability outside of pass defense. How good he is against the pass can also be up for debate. While the eye test can show you how effective he can be, it must also take into account the entirety of the play. If a player is good but doesn’t try, Is he really good then? This line of thinking is what hinders Baker. If Baker can cover a receiver, but he does not want to for long periods of time, is he really good at coverage? I don’t want to continually insult this guy either, he has a solid foundation to build off of, but if we are honest with ourselves, Baker is considered a first rounder off physical traits and initial coverage alone. It is hard to picture such a high regard for a player who refuses to play the run. That being said, Baker has a lot of potential should he evolve to become a full defensive player. His speed and quickness can make sure no runner gets too far from him, and if his play recognition improved, he is the type of player who could get the jump on any play the offense could throw his way. That being said, I simply do not see him being a household name, and he already has numerous yellow flags that signal a player who will be dropped down the line in favor of a younger talent in a future draft.

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