Scout Report – Jordan Love

  • Position: Quarterback
  • College: Utah State Aggies
  • GridironGuy Position Rank: 9 of 11
  • NFL Pre-Draft Position Rank: N/A

Age: 21 | Height: 6’4 | Weight: 225 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Tom Brady


  • 9th in total passing attempts for the NCAA season (434)
    • 2nd most in the Mountain West Conference
  • 3rd most completions in the Mountain West Conference (263)
  • 3rd most passing yards in the Mountain West Conference (3,085)
  • Tied for most interceptions thrown for the NCAA season (16)
  • 3rd most AP yards in the Mountain West Conference (3,244)
  • Best Game: @ Fresno State (W 37-35)
    • 30/39 | 388 pass yd | 2 TDs – 0 INTs | 6 att | 30 rush yd
  • Played against 2 ranked opponents (0-2)
    • v. #20 Boise State (L 21-56)
      • 21/36 | 229 pass yd | 1 TD – 1 INT
    • @ #5 LSU (L 6-42)
      • 15/30 | 130 pass yd | 0 TD – 3 INT
  • Played against 3 defenses that averaged 20 or fewer points allowed
    • Wyoming
    • Air Force
    • San Diego State
  • Second-team All-MWC (2018)
  • New Mexico Bowl MVP (2018)


  • Fairly accurate on the medium to deep passes
  • Does not throw with much fire, easy to catch balls or receivers
  • Maneuverability has improved since the preseason
  • Nice, high release point above the helmet
  • Pass first mentality keeps him from relying on his legs too much
  • Can be mobile when needed
  • Solid base when throwing, does not mess up his fundamentals
  • Can maintain accuracy on the run under 15 yards
  • Ideal size


  • Pocket presence is still lacking, taking too many touches when he shouldn’t
  • Underwhelming ball placement and trajectory
  • Not a ball carrier, will not make defenders miss in the open field
  • Spends a little too much time in the pocket, trapping himself when the pocket does collapse
  • Poor decision making, forces passes into tight coverage or even double coverage
  • Average to below average vision
  • Reactive player as opposed to being proactive
  • Cannot be a reliable passer when forced to the left side
  • Gets too comfy with 1v1’s rather than looking elsewhere for passes
  • Can be easily fooled by defensive schemes and trickery

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 4th Round
  • Plays Like: N/A
  • Ceiling: NFL Backup
  • Floor: 4 & Out


A quick google search will show you that the hype around Love is pretty high considering he is not a QB coming from a prestigious or even nationally respected football program. Scouts around the nation have fallen in love with his arm strength, his touch, and most importantly: his size. What most will not mention is that Love has very little outside of these specific traits. His vision and decision making are lacking. His use of trajectory and ball placement is inconsistent. He is slow on his reads and has difficulty speeding through progressions. He is easily fooled by defensive disguises, and his play raises questions as to whether he can even identify what coverage is being played on the field. Love is a player that is highly touted because he stands tall at 6’4. His arm is pretty respectable, but it is the mental aspect of his game that needs work. When he does get drafted, he will need a few years to develop before he is at a level to be able to be a play maker on the field as a starter.

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