Scout Report – Justin Herbert

  • Position: Quarterback
  • College: Oregon Ducks
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 5 of 11
  • NFL Draft Tracker Position Rank: N/A

Age: 21* | Height: 6’6 | Weight: 237 lbs
*Will be 22 when the draft occurs
NFL Size Comparison: Carson Wentz/Josh Allen


  • 3rd most pass attempts in the Pac-12 Conference (382)
  • 3rd most pass completions in the Pac-12 (258)
  • 4th highest pass completion percentage in the Pac-12 (67.5%)
  • 3rd most passing yards in the Pac-12 (3,140)
  • 9th most passing TDs in the nation for the seaon (31)
    • 2nd most in the Pac-12
  • 6th most career pass TDs in Pac-12 history (94)
  • 3rd highest pass efficiency rating in the Pac-12 (160.7)
  • Best Game: v. Nevada (W 77-6)
    • 19/26 | 310 pass yards | 73.1% | 5 TD – 0 INT
  • played against 4 ranked opponents
    • v. #5 Utah
    • @ #25 Washington
    • v. #16 Auburn
    • v. #8 Wisconsin
  • Played against 2 defenses that averaged less than 200 pass yards allowed
    • #5 Utah
    • #8 Wisconsin
  • 1st Team Pac-12 Academic All-Conference (2017)
  • 1st Team Academic All American (2017)
  • Pac-12 champion (2019)


  • Has the arm strength to put fire behind the throw
  • Very mobile, can take off for more yardage if nothing is open
  • Accurate on the run
  • Range of the run around 45 yards
  • Excellent top speed for a QB
  • Decent pocket presence
  • Range in the pocket is around 60 yards
  • Good vision on the field, can find the open man
  • Elusive enough to get out of potential sacks
  • Maneuvers the pocket well with fluid strides
  • Seems to be able to identify defense post-snap
  • Pass-First mentality keeps him a threat every down
  • Has the uncanny ability to make plays happen with his feet or arm
  • Shows patience in waiting for the play to develop rather than taking off
  • Has the experience you would like in a prospect


  • Relies too much on a playbook that used a lot of screens and roll outs
  • Loses touch on the pass when pressured
  • Needs improvement on more efficient ball placement
  • Takes a noticeable drop in accuracy when under pressure or off back foot
  • Forces 1v1’s on sideline routes a little too much
  • Does not sell PA/RPO well
  • Shows streaks of accuracy and inaccuracy, struggles with consistency
  • Inconsistent with identifying where the blitz is coming from
  • Slightly over ideal weight
  • Unknown on pre-snap reads

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 1st-2nd round
  • Plays like:
  • Ceiling: NFL Starter
  • Floor: NFL Backup


At the beginning of the season, Herbert was touted as a top QB talent, and potentially the best QB prospect in the draft. Now that the season is all but over, Herbert has more or less been outperformed by Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow when it comes to being able to play the QB position. Herbert’s talents rely on his dual threat abilities, and when it comes to his entire play-style, he is definitely a good weapon. His main points of development are currently his streaky accuracy, and his inconsistency with pre-snap reads and identifying defensive schemes and blitzes. His talent can make him a favorite to win a roster spot, or even become a rookie starter later in the season. But to say he is ready is overstating his abilities as they are right now.

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