Scout Report – Jordyn Brooks

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Hybrid (Mike, Off-ball, Adjuster)
  • College: Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank:

Age: N/A | Height: 6’1 | Weight: 245 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Jon Bostic

LB at a Glance: Aggressive and reliable Interior Linebacker with a nose to stop the run, but will underwhelm in coverage and has a habit of overshooting his responsibility and removing himself from the play


  • 100+ Tackle season with 20 TFL
  • 3rd most tackles in the Big XII (108)
  • 7th most career tackles in the Big XII since 2005 (360)
  • 3rd most solo tackles in the Big XII (66)
  • 6th most career solo tackles in the Big XII since 2005 (224)
  • Most Tackles for Loss in the Big XII (20)
  • Best Game: v. #21 Oklahoma State (W 45-35)
    • 19 tackles (8 solo, 11 assists) | 3 sacks | 1 FF
  • Worst Game: v. TCU (L 31-33)
    • 4 tackles (2 solo, 2 assists)
  • Second team All-American (2019)
  • First team All-Big 12 (2019)
  • Honorable mention All-Big 12 (2018)


  • Plays with a tenacious fire that always keeps him in the play and ready to be impactful
  • 4-year starter gives huge benefit in terms of experience
  • Size is equal to the NFL average for ILB at 6’1 240 lbs
  • Extremely high physical toughness to meet contact with impact and play through with little regard to the offense’s attempts to stop him
  • Shows good instincts to play to flow and meet the lead blocker or runner at the line of scrimmage
  • Excellent ability to track the runner and keep tabs on ball carrier
  • Powerful runner with the leg strength to drive even established OGs back a couple yards
  • Has good pursuit speed to stay on the runner when the bounce to the outside, or to chase them to the sideline
  • Respectable top speed not to be underestimated 
  • Strong grip can bring runners and especially QBs down with just a hand grabbed on
  • Great ability to extend body to make tackles, tackle range is above average
  • Good footwork and agility to change direction and keep pressure on QBs and RBs who like to dance around a little too much
  • Shows signs of his OLB roots with surprisingly good ability to shed the block
  • Shows good tackling fundamentals with well placed shoulder pop, strong and swift snap for the wrap up and drive of the feet
  • Very reliable tackler, would not worry if he is caught in an open field situation
  • No serious concerns of stamina as he proves to be an impactful player each snap
  • High usage rate for the Texas Tech defense as Mike, Off-Ball, and Adjuster LBs
  • No injuries to note makes for no durability concerns
  • Has a nose for finding the hole and plugging himself in there
  • Strong initial impact when engaging blocker, can sometimes slip past off impact alone
  • Relatively quick mind can diagnose plays at a reasonable speed post-snap
  • Play speed is above average compared to others on the field at any given time
  • Speed at which he progresses through his reads is adequate, keeping him in the play
  • Fundamentally a proactive defender, seeking out the ball rather than waiting for the play to come to him
  • Plays with the aggressive nature that comes from a prototypical run stopper
  • Does not do anything reckless that would remove him from the play or give the offense something to work with
  • Solid angle tackler with the assertiveness to force the ball carrier to react to him
  • Keeps a solid base when attacking the ball carrier, makes shaking him when he is tackling difficult
  • Has a nice pop with a lunging shoulder to accompany the strong wrap up


  • Overstrides on his jabsteps when making his initial reads, either flowing himself out of position, or spending too much time floating to be easily evaded by grounded RBs
  • Less than ideal angle pursuit can leave him chasing behind runners rather than cutting them off
  • Has trouble maintaining favorable positioning when defending the run, either over committing to one side, or working himself out of a play in order to shed a block
  • Over shoots his desired positioning on the blitz or outside contain in order to shed blocks
  • Suffers lapses in judgement when called to QB spy, will fire the blitz too quickly
  • Can be overall impatient when dealing with a shifty QB
  • Does not keep himself balanced during lateral movement, making change of direction slower if the runner cuts back
  • Lacks any stellar upper body strength to match force at the line of scrimmage on short yard situations
  • Inconsistent hand usage on the blitz and shed attempt, sometimes with be active, other times will not even attempt
  • Small effective range when dropping back into coverage
  • Does not have the awareness to see receivers running into his zone on interior zone assignments
  • Just short of a liability on outside zone assignments, as lack of awareness let receivers and TEs slip past him or behind him undetected
  • Inconsistent on reading fakes, sometimes seeing them immediately and snuffing them out, other times being fooled and removed from the play
  • Plays soft on man coverage, giving his man unnecessary amount of field to work with underneath
  • Lacks the field awareness to know where the blockers are, sometimes walking straight into them

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 2nd Round
  • Ceiling: NFL All Pro
  • Floor: Sub package

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