Scout Report – Troy Dye

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Mike
  • College: Oregon Ducks
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank:

Age: 23 | Height: 6’4 | Weight: 226 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Cory Littleton

LB at a Glance: Intelligent run stopper who severely lacks in coverage and pass rushing


  • 6th most forced fumbles in the Pac-12 (2)
  • Best Game: v. Arizona (W 34-6)
    • 8 tackles (6 solo, 2 assists) | 1 sack | 1 FF
  • Worst Game: v. Oregon State (W 24-10)
    • 4 tackles (1 solo, 3 assists)
  • 3× Second-team All-Pac-12 (201720182019)


  • Quick mind to diagnose plays within the first few seconds post-snap
  • Explosive initial burst the snap makes him a nightmare for oblivious linemen
  • 4 year starter at the LB position for Oregon
  • Plays with hustle and tenacity to always get up and keep going until the whistle
  • Quick to crash downhill when he reads the run, making runners react to him
  • Has good vision to see the backfield and flats for potential threats
  • Aggressive tackler, no afraid to dive for runners
  • Reliable defender to find the hole
  • Excellent radar to track the runner when he’s dancing in the backfield
  • Taking angles not a problem, can be reliable to chase down runners
  • Pursuit speed adequate, though not exceptional
  • Smart LB who positions himself well during the play
  • Plays with the physical toughness to dive head first into contested points
  • Plays with a good sense of patience you would like from an experienced player
  • Able to position himself when blocked to cut off a running lane even if he cannot make a play
  • Productive when on the field and able to impact plays in some way, shape, or form
  • Does not see a drop in productivity as the game goes on, no stamina issues to mention
  • Overall a proactive defender with a nose for the ball
  • Strong tackling fundamentals with great footwork and technique
  • Identifies flow and maintains his positioning in relation to blocking assignments
  • Promising ability to identify offenses pre-snap, shows a level of preparation
  • Crashes through the gap with a good level of speed that forces OL to respect his positioning
  • Little worry when it comes to durability
  • Solid footwork when moving around the field, will not trip over himself
  • Intelligent player with sound logic and understanding of what the offense wants to do


  • Poor field awareness on outside coverage has allowed splits or wheel routes to move upfield unopposed
  • Lackluster power when shooting the gap stalls him at the line of scrimmage more times than you would like
  • Slow top speed and cover speed make him a liability or nonfactor in the open field or deep
  • Lacks the physicality to be productive in congestion
  • Weak wrap up and grip make arm tackles a gamble for him
  • Liability on outside contain, either not paying attention, or giving threat too long before properly reacting
  • Poor lateral movement, takes precious seconds to change direction or react to a cut
  • Underweight for average ILBs, at 224 lbs
  • Not exceptionally strong in game situations
  • Poor man coverage ability with little pressure on the route
  • Has trouble locating the threat on inside coverage, often times overlooking the dragging TE or the hitch
  • Little to no hand movement when shedding blockers makes for an easy target for climbing OL
  • Lacks that initial pop on the tackle that can sometimes jimmy balls loose
  • Lacks that initial impact when meeting a blocker head on
  • Underwhelming reliability when tackling a runner
  • Pretty slow play speed sees him outpaced by runners and lead blockers numerous times
  • Does not run with any significant power to force his way into the backfield, or run through blockers
  • Poor block shedding ability with a recorded shed rate of 31%

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: Late 1st – 2nd Round
  • Ceiling: NFL All-Pro
  • Floor: NFL Backup

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