Scout Report – Logan Wilson

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Off-ball / 4-3 Sam
  • College: Wyoming Cowboys
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 2 of 13

Age: 23 | Height: 6’2 | Weight: 241
NFL size comparison: Nigel Bradham

LB at a Glance: Experienced LB with aggressiveness you would want with the IQ to make an immediate impact, though lacks in pass rush


  • 3rd most career tackles in the Mountain West conference since 2005 (409)
  • 4th most total tackles in the Mountain West (105)
  • 2nd most career solo tackles in the Mountain West Conference since 2005 (249)
  • 3rd most solo tackles in the Mountain West (62)
  • 2nd most interceptions in the Mountain West (4)
  • Best Game: v. Missouri (W 37-31)
    • 13 tackles (5 solo, 8 assists) | 1 Pass Def
  • Worst Game: v. New Mexico (W 23-10)
    • 2 tackles (1 solo, 1 assist)
  • First team All-Mountain West (2019)
  • Second team All-Mountain West (2017)


Good size for a Sam LB on a 4-3 defense and strongside Off-ball at 6’2 250 lbs

No durability issues to speak of

Arguably the most experienced player in the draft with 4 years starting and a redshirt year

Consistency and impact on the field stellar with 90+ tackles seasons every year he played

Good top speed with a 40 time of 4.63, ranked 6th best of all ILBs

_____ Physical ____________________________________________________

Aggressive demeanor with intimidating play speed to always be an impact player

Impact on the field undeniable, always seems to be where the ball is

Light on his feet with good change of direction to ensure he is not easily shaken

Sideline to sideline movement very promising

Does not see a drop in production as the game goes on, no stamina concerns to speak of

High Usage Rate shows dependability

Shows promising power in his legs and lower body, strength is an unknown currently

_____ Tackling ______________________________________________________

Tackling fundamentals among the best

Excellent pursuit angles to keep himself a threat to runners who bounce to the sideline

One of the most reliable tacklers in the game

Strong Grip and wrap up increase his range alongside his excellent body control

Excellent footwork when tackling, keeping a solid base and making evasion difficult in a face-up situation

Has a strong pop with the shoulder alongside strong wrap up

Reliable angle tackler

_____ Run Stop ______________________________________________________

Excellent eyes to track the runner in congestion

Plays with sharp instincts

Excellent ability to play to flow, maintaining leverage on outside runs

Good vision and awareness to know where the runner is trying to go, and what hole is supposed to open

Adequate at finding the hole and plugging it

Speed at which he crashes downhill is astounding given his size and average top speed

Extremely physical player who thrives in contact, very tough

_____ Pass Rush _______________________________________________________

Quick initial burst off the snap when blitzing

Shoots the gap with great speed and power to make contact, or outpace the OL

Strong initial impact can sometimes compromise pocket and/or spook QB

_____ Coverage _________________________________________________________

Surprisingly good awareness of field when dropping back into coverage, rarely lets threats slip by

Likes to apply pressure when covering over a route, sees this on inside zone and man coverage

Athletic enough to keep pace with most QBs who like to dance, though does have trouble with scramblers

Smart player can find good positioning in coverage to better pressure the route around his zone

_____ Mental ____________________________________________________________

Proactive player that looks to make an impact on every play he is in

Tenacious with a desire to constantly make a play happen and pressure the offense

Experience is shown in his patience on the field, is not reckless with his responsibilities

High football IQ with a quick mind to diagnose plays


_____ Physical ________________________________________________________________

_____ Tackling ________________________________________________________________

Tends to tackle high, meeting many runners at the shoulder pads around the collarbone, could be a trucking hazard

Does not drive his feet when met with a tenacious runner who does not fall from contact

_____ Run Stop ________________________________________________________________

Less than stellar pursuit speed, can force direction, but will probably not be able to catch runner

Has a tendency to bite on PA

_____ Pass Rush ______________________________________________________________

Inconsistent when positioning himself through a block, sometimes maintaining containment, other times forcing too far from initial point of contact

Not used heavily as a blitzer, instead having responsibilities as a spy or underneath zone

Poor overall block shedder, does not usually break a block, but rather pressure from within one

Little to no hand usage on the rush

_____ Coverage ________________________________________________________________

Can be slow to hit the outside Curl-Flats, especially problematic if his responsibility is to Rob underneath the split

Lacks adequate closing speed to close the distance on a route, usually gets burned on corners and outs

Uncommon to be called for man coverage

_____ Mental _________________________________________________________________

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 1st – 2nd Round
  • Status: Impact Rookie
  • Ceiling: NFL All Pro
  • Floor: NFL Backup

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