Scout Report – Joe Bachie

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Mike
  • College: Michigan State Spartans
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 6 of 13

Age: 22 | Height: 6’1 | Weight: 230 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Anthony Walker

LB at a Glance: Tenacious LB with a nose for the ball who can be a great early project player


  • Best Game: @ Northwestern (W 31-10)
    • 14 tackles (13 solo, 1 assist) | 1 sack | 1 INT | 2 Pass Def
  • Worst Game: v. #6 Penn State (L 7-28)
    • 6 tackles (6 assists)
  • Ranked #1 for ILBs at the combine for Bench Press with 26 reps
    • Ranked 2nd best of all LBs (including Edge rushers & OLBs)


Within the average size for NFL LB at 6’2 231 lbs

Excellent productivity with two 100 tackle seasons, and on pace to crack 100 again in ‘19

No durability issues to speak of

3-year starter is ideal

4.67 forty time is average among ILBs (the median is 4.68) so he is slightly above the bar

__________ Physical __________

Possesses the necessary strength to maintain his positioning if needed, though not much else

Shows a good level of power

High usage rate bodes well for experience and production

Assertive strides keep him in the play to the sideline, good lateral movement

Does not see a drop in production as drives go on

__________ Mental __________

Tenacious player who does not give up on plays in front of him

Patient player who does not often get reckless as a defender

Quick mind to diagnose plays post-snap

Shows a level of preparation pre-snap

Fundamentally a proactive player who has a nose for gunning for the runner

Shows a good understanding of context in the game

__________ Tackling __________

Good reliability on the tackle, is a guy you don’t mind having 1v1 on the open field

Excellent pursuit angles to keep himself in the play and not mindlessly following behind

Aggressive when attacking the ball carrier, forces runner to react to him

Solid fundamentals with a strong grip and devastating drive after wrap, though wrap up is slow

Keeps himself balanced on tackles, making juking him out more difficult

__________ Run Stop __________

Excellent play to flow

Physically tough

Good at tracking the runner in the backfield and through congestion

Fairly consistent at finding the gap and plugging it

Speed crashing downhill a plus

Acceptable vision with a nice use of peripherals

__________ Pass Rush __________

Surprising initial pop on contact with a blocker

Deceptively swift off the snap can see him get into OL’s faces before they are prepared

Shows good speed when shooting the gap

__________ Coverage __________

Good awareness to locate the immediate threat to his zone

Smart enough to rob underneath the sideline receiver as he drops into his coverage on the outside

Tenacity during the play can make him a terrifying spy for QBs who are not particularly mobile


Tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, cut senior season short

__________ Physical __________

Slow play speed may limit his abilities on the field

Slow acceleration when running, takes a while to get to top speed

Lacks in agility when moving, can be left behind on a play

__________ Mental __________


__________ Tackling __________

Lacks the *umph* you would like in an aggressive tackler

Inconsistent on angle tackling, usually caught between wanting to tackle and wanting to push out of bounds

__________ Run Stop __________

Gets caught biting on PA a little more than you would want

Surprisingly weak run stopper in congestion than you would expect

Instincts tend to lag behind play speed, causing him to play catch up against balanced teams

Disappointing pursuit speed

__________ Pass Rush __________

Overall poor block shedder

Lacks the power to bull rush his way through 

Lacks the instincts to keep himself positioned through a block, often being moved out of the way

Little to no hand usage to be expected because of position

__________ Coverage __________

Sometimes loses sight of the RB out of the backfield, wheels can be effective against him

Plays loose on the interior zone, often allowing TEs to break loose when they turn away

Less than ideal on man coverage, lacks the pressure and closing speed to keep pace with some TEs and RBs

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 2nd – 3rd Round
  • Status: Short-term Project Player
  • Ceiling: NFL Starter
  • Floor: NFL Backup

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