Scout Report – Shaquille Quarterman

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Mike
  • College: Miami U Hurricanes
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 7 of 13

Age: 22 | Height: 6′ | Weight: 234 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Eric Kendricks

LB at a Glance: Aggressive LB with a nose for hunting RBs down, and the assertiveness to be effective on inside zone


  • 8th most career tackles in ACC history since 2005 (356)
  • 5th most tackles in the ACC (107)
  • 5th most assisted tackles in the ACC (56)
  • 6th most career tackles for loss in ACC history since 2005 (47)
  • 5th most tackles for loss in the ACC (16)
  • Best Game: v. Georgia Tech (L 21-28 OT)
    • 13 tackles (8 solo, 5 assists) | 1 FF | 1 FR | 1 Pass Def
  • Worst Game: @ Duke (L 17-27)
    • 6 tackles (2 solo, 4 assists)
  • 2nd best Bench Press for ILBs at the combine
  • 2x First Team All-ACC (20182019)
  • Second Team All-ACC (2017)


Within average size at 6’ 234 lbs

No injury concerns to speak of

Excellent experience as a 4 year starter

Consistency is a plus with 80+ tackle seasons throughout his entire career and 100+ in 2019

_____ Physical _________________________________________________________

Average to above average play speed, can really turn on the jets if needed but not always

Impactful on the field with taking contact, clogging lanes, and pressuring runners away

High usage rate in the Miami defense

Has the speed needed to take any runner to the sideline and still make the tackle

Agile on his feet, can change direction with RBs if he is balanced

No significant drop in production as the game goes on, no stamina issues to speak of

Promising strength as the 2nd best ILB on the bench press with 23 reps

_____ Mental ____________________________________________________________

Aggressive player with a proactive approach to handling offenses

Tenacious defender who always tries to have a nose for the ball

Impatient player who can be caught biting at the first sign of anything coming his way

Pretty quick to diagnose flow and intentions, though he does struggle with fakes and PA

Average to above average football IQ, shows promise, but can be easily played around

_____ Defending the Run __________________________________________________

Excellent ability to play to flow, maintaining his positioning when the play bounces

Acceptable vision, able to see movement and direction quickly and react to it

Excellent speed crashing downhill to meet blocker or runner

Good pursuit, sometimes able to catch TEs or slower RBs from behind

Physical player who seeks contact and does not shy away from congestion

Excellent gaze to keep eyes on runner once he is located, rarely loses runner is congestion

_____ Tackling ___________________________________________________________

Excellent pursuit angles allow him to still make plays even when runner reaches next level

Able to keep himself balanced when initiating a tackle, to keep from getting juked out

Fairly reliable when asked to tackle from behind or at an angle

Aggressive defender who will not allow runners to dictate direction, attacks instead of waits

Impressive tackle range do to his ability to dive

Strong shoulder and drive make for a nice pop when initiating contact with a runner

_____ Coverage __________________________________________________________

Proactive on the inside zone, making working inside the box on short routes and midrange less than ideal for QBs

Good awareness for a LB, active in searching for WRs and TEs and quick to identifying anything out of the backfield

Possesses intimidating closing speed when the ball is in the air

Can provide an intimidating spy for defenses, though will have problems holding scramblers back

Can play man with most TEs and RBs

_____ Pass Rush __________________________________________________________

Strong initial burst off the snap, can really jockey for positioning those first few crucial seconds

Can make impact with blockers, sometimes getting him loose, but not always

Can be swift when shooting the gap, getting pressure immediately before the OL can react


Disappointing top speed with a 4.74 forty time

_____ Physical __________________________________________________________

Underwhelming strength when meeting contact, not hard to move him

Lacks the power to play through blocks, often needed to focus completely on shedding

Worst vertical jump at the combine for ILBs

Among the bottom five for Broadjump at the combine for ILBs

_____ Mental ____________________________________________________________

Inconsistent when identifying offenses pre-snap, though mostly because of impatience

_____ Defending the Run __________________________________________________

Has great issue reading through PA and any sort of fakes

Instincts pretty shotty at times, sometimes overcommitting to the wrong side of the play

Does not always locate the hold correctly, showcasing some plays where he is out of position on inside run

_____ Tackling ___________________________________________________________

Habitually tackles with a small wrap-up and weak grip, making sliding through him not uncommon

Not reliable tackler when in unfavorable conditions such as off balance or over commited

Lackluster fundamentals cause some head scratching missed opportunities

_____ Coverage __________________________________________________________

Does not add pressure on coverage, whether man or zone, allowing some WRs to slip past

So-so positioning when dropping back into coverage, does not always shift with formation

Liability on the Curl-Flat, lacks the speed to cover the ground to the sideline

_____ Pass Rush __________________________________________________________

Lacks any worthwhile power after the first pop, usually not getting into the pocket

Not a good block shedder

Little to no hand usage when rushing the passer

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 3rd – 4th Round
  • Status: Short-term Project Player
  • Ceiling: NFL Starter
  • Floor: 4 & Out

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