Scout Report: Jacob Phillips

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Off-ball
  • College: LSU Tigers
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 10 of 20

Age: 20 | Height: 6’3 | Weight: 229 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Fred Warner

LB at a Glance: Run stopper with the athleticism to be effective in coverage


  • 100-tackle season in 2019
  • Most tackles in the SEC (113)
  • Most assisted tackles in the SEC (57)
  • 5th most solo tackles in the SEC (56)
  • Best Game: v. Arkansas (W 56-20)
    • 12 tackles (5 solo, 7 assists)
  • Worst Game: v. Texas A&M (W 56-20)
    • 1 tackle (1 assist)
  • CFP National Champion (2019)


__________ Physical _________________________________________________

Slightly above average top speed with a forty time of 4.66, ranked 8th of 18 ILBs

No durability issues to speak of

Coming off a 100-tackle season in 2019 with 113 tackles

Quite powerful with the second best vertical and the third best broadjump of ILBs

LSU scheme built around LB play increased his usage rate when compared to peers

__________ Mental ___________________________________________________

Has shown consistent growth year to year, and play week in week out

Proactive player

Tenacious player who plays the entire time between the whistles

Patient player who does not jump until he knows for certain what to attack

Seems to have good level of preparation 

Intelligent player who can figure out what the offense is trying to do

__________ Tackling _________________________________________________

Versatile tackling range allows him to extend away from his feet to make tackles

Excellent pursuit angles to take a runner to the sideline

Aggressive when tackling, not afraid to meet a runner with his own power

Can be a reliable tackler inside congestion, and out in the open field

Pretty strong grip to grab runners and make arm tackles

Fundamentals are strong, with a strong pop, clean wrap up and a twist to bring his guys down

__________ Run Defense _____________________________________________

Good play to flow to keep their positioning as runners take it to the sideline

Excellent at tracking the runner in the backfield and in congestion

Sharp instincts and intuition to feel where the offense is attempting to get to

Good pursuit speed to chase down runners from behind

Unlikely to bite on fakes

Good vision and use of peripherals

Physically tough player who does not shy from contact

__________ Pass Rush _______________________________________________

Hits the gap with adequate speed to slip through OL

__________ Coverage ________________________________________________

Good awareness to see where the various receivers are

Outside zone can be a useful spot, intelligent enough to rob underneath the route

Athletic enough to be an adequate spy for most QBs

Has deceptive closing speed to gain ground when the ball is in the air

Athletic enough to be effective with inside zone


__________ Physical _________________________________________________

Underweight for a 6’3 LB at 229 lbs

Poor agility and change of direction, as he is tied for worst 3-cone time at 7.38, and 7th of 10 for the 20 yard shuffle at 4.33

Extremely weak for an ILB, easily moved away by blockers on any play where he is touched

Slow play speed disappointing because of athletic ability

Below average lateral movement to take anyone to the sideline

__________ Mental ___________________________________________________

Only a 2-year starter

Slower than his peers at diagnosing plays, though not by much

__________ Tackling _________________________________________________

Feet are a little wonky when tackling, either attacking without being under himself, or not having proper balance

__________ Run Defense _____________________________________________

Inconsistent with filling the gap that opens up

Slow to crash downhill, often being met at the second level or in transition climbing down

Poor at maneuvering through congestion

__________ Pass Rush _______________________________________________

Weak initial impact when meeting block, usually moved

Slow initial burst off the snap lets OL gain ground

Lacks power in his pass rush to force his way through

Little to no hand usage

Inconsistent with maintaining positioning

__________ Coverage ________________________________________________

Poor footwork and balance makes man coverage less than ideal

Does not pressure the route when it meets him

Slow backpedal makes his drop back into zones lag behind others

Little action when in coverage, usually standing idle in his zone rather than drifting toward closest threat

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 3rd – 4th Round
  • Status: Short-Term Project Player
  • Ceiling: NFL Backup
  • Floor: Practice Squad

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