Scout Report – Shaun Bradley

  • Position: Inside Linebacker – Off-Ball, Mike
  • College: Temple Owls
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 15 of 21

Age: N/A | Height: 6’1 | Weight: 235 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Will Compton

LB at a Glance: Active defender who can be a nice addition to rotation anywhere, but lacks the strength and instincts to play on the interior


  • Recorded 10 tackles for loss in 2017
  • 9th most tackles in the American Conference (86)
  • 5th most solo tackles in the American Conference (61)
  • Best Game: @ #19 Cincinnati (L 13-15)
    • 9 tackles (4 solo, 5 assists) | 1 FF
  • Worst Game: v. Bucknell (W 56-12)
    • 2 tackles (2 solo)
  • Phil Steele Second Team All-AAC (2018)
  • ECAC First Team All-East (2017)
  • 3rd best forty time for ILBs at 4.51s
  • 3rd best 3-cone time for ILBs at 7.07s
  • 2nd best 20 yard shuffle for ILBs at 4.24s


__________ Physical _________________________________________


  • Size within NFL average at 6’1 235 lbs
  • Extremely high top speed with a forty time of 4.51, third best of the ILB prospects
  • No injury concerns to speak of
  • Acceptable production on the field, averaging 6-7 tackles a game
  • Showed excellent agility and change of direction in combine, posting 7.07s on 3-cone (3rd best), and 4.24s on the 20-yard shuttle (2nd best)


  • Extremely weak, worst ILB prospect on the bench press with only 14 reps
  • Performed below standards at the vertical jump and broadjump
  • Does not play with the same level of explosiveness or nose that others in his class do
  • Slow getting from sideline to sideline

__________ Mental ___________________________


  • 3-year starter
  • Adequate growth from Freshman to Senior year
  • Mature player who does few things recklessly
  • Quick to diagnose plays and act on them
  • Proactive player
  • Good football IQ and understanding of the game


  • Little consistency week in and week out
  • Does not play with the same tenacity you see in others

__________ Tackling ___________________________


  • Excellent pursuit angles to cut off the rest of the field from the runner and squeeze him to the sideline
  • Sets his base and tries to maintain balance when initiating a block
  • Ok tackling fundamentals, average wrap up with a decent drive 
  • Reliable tackler


  • Does not have a pop behind those pads
  • Limited tackle range because of weak grip to hang onto runners
  • Picks and chooses when he wants to be aggressive, and when to give up on the play

__________ Run Defense _________________________


  • Excellent speed to crash downhill
  • Pesky on the backside, can chase runners down
  • Physically tough, does not shy away from contact
  • Average vision to see what is happening around him


  • Gets caught locking onto the OG, losing sight of RB in backfield
  • Does have that inate sense of offensive design that you would want in a LB
  • Poor play to flow, always seems to lag behind
  • Inconsistent at finding the hole and plugging it
  • Does not have the physical strength to play in congestion
  • Inconsistent at reading fakes

__________ Pass Rush ___________________________


  • Quick to shoot the gap
  • Can be a flash off the snap if blocking backs or OL do not take him into account
  • Tries hard to maintain positioning when locked into a block


  • Poor block shedder
  • Little to no initial impact when meeting a blocker head on
  • No power when he shoots the gap, getting stalled very easily
  • No hand usage, tried to use shoulder to evade or push through blockers

__________ Coverage _____________________________


  • Athleticism can make him a pesky spy for any QB to handle
  • Able to cover RBs out of the backfield in man situations
  • Aggressive closing speed to cut the distance when the ball is in the air
  • Active player on the inside zone, constantly looking for a target to latch onto


  • Poor at robbing underneath routes, paying no mind to those who pass him
  • Does not keep track of where he is on zone assignment, often backing too much or too little
  • Does not have a habit of looking for immediate threats, locking into the backfield and letting TEs or slots slip behind him
  • Slow backpedal keeps him from making any meaningful play toward the sideline

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 6th Round
  • Status: Short-Term Project Player
  • Ceiling: NFL package player (Adjuster/S hybrid)
  • Floor: Practice Squad

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