Scout Report – C.J. Stroud

  • Position: QB – Field General Pocket Passer
  • College: Ohio State
  • Position Rank: 2 of 10

Height: 6’3 | Weight: 218 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Mac Jones

QB at a Glance: A true facilitator of the aerial attack with the wits utilize all available weapons

Arm Strength: CPocket Presence: B-Mobility: B-
Range/Pocket: C (~50y)Vision: B (HF)Pocket Maneuver: C+
Range/Run: C+ (~35y)Decision Making: BDurability: A
Short Accuracy: BConsistency: CSize: B
Med Accuracy: CPoise under Pressure: B-Top Speed: C+
Deep Accuracy: A-Experience: CSleight of Hand: C
Sideline Accuracy (L): D+Blitz Radar: BSack Evasion: B
Sideline Accuracy (R): D+Patience: AToughness: C+
Accuracy/Run: BIdentify Coverage: B+Ballcarrier Ability: B-
Ball Placement: C+Pre-snap Reads: BStrength (Upper): C-
Ball Trajectory: C+Recklessness/Ball: CPower (Lower): C-
Touch on Pass: BRecklessness/Body: AStamina: B+
Throw Mech: C+Def Position Awareness: BBalance: C
Footwork: BProgressions: B
Sell PA/RPO: C-Improvisation: C+
Zip on Pass: BAnticipation: B
Eye Discipline: B+
GRADE: 2.38 (C+)GRADE: 2.90 (B)GRADE: 2.54 (B-)


  • Graham–George Offensive Player of the Year (2021, 2022)
  • Griese–Brees Quarterback of the Year (2021, 2022)
  • Thompson–Randle El Freshman of the Year (2021)
  • 2× First-team All-Big Ten (2021, 2022)
  • 4th most pass completions in Big Ten (235)
  • 4th most pass attempts in Big Ten (355)
  • 3rd highest comp% in Big Ten (66.2)
  • 2nd most passing yards in Big Ten (3340)
  • 5th most Career Passing TDs in Big Ten history (81)
  • Most Passing TDs in the nation (37)
  • 4th highest career Pass Efficiency Rating in NCAA history
  • Highest career PER in Big Ten History
  • Best Game: v. Toledo
    • 22/27 | 367 pass yds | 5 TD | 2 att | 9 rush yds
  • Worst Game: @ Northwestern
    • 10/26 | 76 pass yds | 6 att | 79 rush yds



+ Acceptable short accuracy to pick apart defenses slow to get to their spots
+ Has one of the best deep ball accuracy among his peers
+ Accurate outside the pocket, can hit most his receivers in stride
+ Beautiful touch on his passes, can make even the strongest bullets seem catchable
+ Good footwork to maneuver when he needs and maintain a strong base throughout the play
+ Range in the pocket is within reason given plastyle
+/- Shows potential in more complex throws to use target’s full radius but does not have the ability to make such throws with consistency as of yet
+/- Throwing mechanics are good but do leave on occasion making for some strange throwing motions
– Arm strength and overall range is standard but lacks anything noteworthy, can get the ball midfield but not much range outside the 50 yards
– Accuracy at medium ranges can be spotty because of attempts at more complex throws and spacing, does not have consistency seen for deep balls or quick passes
– Sideline accuracy needs major work, struggles to throw cross-field without requiring the receivers to adjust
– Poor seller of play action or any level of option plays, LBs will not bite often causing some problematic coverage pickups on rollouts


+ Pocket presence is where you would like it to be for a player such as he
+ Excellent vision, shows ability to play full field but did not either by design or concept
+ Smart player who does not make mistakes often
+ Capable of maintaining a level head under pressure
+ Identifies where the blitz is coming from and maneuvering away from it, can leave defenses frustrated
+ One of the most patient QBs, rarely if ever rushes through his progressions or forces beyond his abilities
+ Seems to identify coverage and attack accordingly
+ Has shown the ability to point out defensive concepts pre-snap with a level of confidence
+ Never puts his body in danger
+ Keeps tabs on cover defenders while progressing through his reads, rarely will you see a defender sneak up on him
+ 3-to-4 stage progressions allow for much more intricate passing attacks
+ Improvisation is reasonable for an otherwise standard pocket passer
+ Anticipation is where you would like it for a passer, can throw his receivers open and hit them right out of their breaks
+ Keeps his eyes up, scanning for open receivers even when pressured
– Overall quality of play regressed toward the end of the season
– Only a two year starter to this point
– Can be seen trying to throw into tight windows that should otherwise be passed


+ Possesses the legs needed to extend plays
+ No durability issues to speak of
+ Similar in size to the average NFL QB
+ projected forty time of 4.75s is adequate but not inspiring
+ Capable of evading a sack or two
+ Deceptively capable of taking off when needed
– Disappointing maneuverability given his abilities
– No stellar sleight of hand capabilities


Plays like:

Draft Placement: Rounds 1-2

Status: Impact Rookie

Ceiling: NFL Starter

Floor: NFL Backup

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