Scout Report – Bryce Young

  • Position: QB – Playmaking Dual Threat
  • College: Alabama
  • Position Rank: 1 of 8

Height: 6′ | Weight: 194 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Trace McSorley

QB at a Glance: Intelligent dual threat QB with the physical and mental tools needed to make an impact out the gate.

Arm Strength: CPocket Presence: BMobility: A
Range in Pocket: C-Vision: B+ (HF)Pocket Maneuver: B
Range on the Run: C+Decision making: B+Durability: A-
Short Accuracy: CConsistency: BSize: C-
Med Accuracy: APoise under Pressure: B+Top Speed: A
Deep Accuracy: AExperience: B-Sleight of Hand: C
Sideline Accuracy (L): CBlitz Radar: CSack Evasion: A-
Sideline Accuracy (R): C-Patience: BToughness: B
Acc of Run: BIdentify Coverage: B-Ballcarrier Ability: B
Ball Placement: BPre-Snap Reads: CStrength (upper): C-
Ball Trajectory: C-Recklessness w/ Ball: BPower (lower): C-
Touch on Pass: B-Recklessness w/ Body: AStamina: B+
Throw Mech: BDef Position Awareness: BBalance: B
Footwork: BProgressions: B
Selling PA/RPO: CImprovisation: B
Zip on Pass: CAnticipation: B-
Eye Discipline: A-
GRADE: 2.44 (C+)GRADE: 2.98 (B)GRADE: 2.91 (B)




+ Excellent medium and deep ball accuracy and playmaking ability
+ Smooth with passes outside of the pocket, capable of utitilizing a receiver’s entire radius
+ Better than most peers at utilizing ball placement, can hit his target away from defenders and in stride with consistency
+ Promising touch though some passes can be a little wobbly or too hot coming into range for his receivers
+ Acceptable throwing mechanics with the ability to throw at 45, overhead, and sidearm depending on the situation
+/- Effective range when breaking the pocket is acceptable but not as far as one would like out of a dual threat with an effective range of roughly 35 yards
– Arm Strength is par but unimpressive, seems to only be able to chuck the ball about 30-35 yards from a compromised position
– Range in the pocket is below standard, can be seen struggling to get the ball past the 45-50 yard mark from the air on an unopposed pass
– Sideline accuracy is spotty at best, especially struggles to get the ball across the field
– Cannot drop passes into tight coverage from above. Trajectory is weak to nonexistent beyond the 25 yard range
– Lackluster footwork has occasionally allowed rushers to catch him off-balance
– Hit or miss on selling play action or RPOs
– Lacks the heat needed to squeeze tight throws into small windows


+ Good pocket presence and internal clock to know when to get the ball out
+ Excellent vision to know where the holes are and notice when his guys are getting open
+ Smart decision making to ensure the ball is taken care of
+ Shows consistency among different opposition
+ Patient with the offense to allow his receivers to get to their spots
+ Not easily shook when rushed or during crunch time
+ Within reasonable experience as a 2 year starter with playoff experience
+ Shows promise identifying coverage schemes and finding the holes with levels of consistency
+ Protective of the ball and body, does not play reckless
+ Seems to always know where the defense is at on the field, does not get surprised when playing levels
+ Great progressions, capable of the reading to three
+ Strong improv skills when breaking the pocket, this is seen is both scrambling and directing traffic
+ Promising anticipation to throw receivers open but does not do with consistency
+ Excellent eye discipline, keeps his attention downfield despite the storm that surrounds him
– Struggles to identify where blitzes come from with consistency, can be easily thrown for a loop when blitzes are hidden
– Sometimes rushes through pre-snap reads, causing questionabl plays of throwing directly into congestion


+ Excellent mobility to both prolong plays and take off running
+ maneuverable in the pocket without having to resort to breaking off for a run
+ Shows no significant durability concerns to speak of
+ Projected forty time of about 4.54s translating to excellent top speed for a QB
+ Shifty, capable of making would-be sackers miss
+ Tough player, does not shy away from contact and does not flinch when getting hit
+ Can be a danger when he decides to run
– Small player for his position, recorded 3 inches shorter and 25 lbs lighter than NFL average for the position (6’3 | 219 lbs)
– Lacks significant sleight of hand, do not expect any Mahomes-like magic throws
– Does not appear to possess any power or strength outside of the usual


Plays Like: Kyler Murray

Draft Placement: 1st Round

Status: Impact Rookie

Ceiling: NFL All-Pro

Floor: Out of League (XFL Starter)

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