Scout Report – Max Duggan

  • Position: QB – Playmaking Dual Threat
  • College: TCU
  • Position Rank: 6 of 10

Height: 6’2 | Weight: 210
NFL Size Comparison: Josh Johnson

QB at a Glance: Prototypical dual threat prospect with sound decision-making and ability to play field general but lacks the ability to maximize his weapons

Arm Strength: C-Pocket Presence: BMobility: B+
Range/Pocket: CVision: B+ (FF)Pocket Movement: B-
Range/Run: C-Decision-Making: B+Durability: A-
Short Acc: C-Consistency: B-Size: A-
Med Acc: C+Poise Under Pressure: C+Top Speed: A
Deep Acc: AExperience: ASleight of Hand: C-
Sideline Acc: D+Blitz Radar: CSack Evasion: B-
Acc/Run: CPatience: BToughness: B
Ball Placement: CIdentify Coverage: CBallcarrier Ability: C+
Ball Trajectory: B+Pre-snap Reads: CStrength: C-
Touch/Pass: B-Recklessness/Ball: B-Power: C+
Throw Mech: B-Recklessness/Body: B-Stamina: B
Footwork: CLevels Awareness: CBalance: C
Sell PA/RPO: CProgressions: B+
Zip/Pass: C+Improvisation: B-
Anticipation: C
Eye Discipline: C+
GRADE: 2.19 (C)GRADE: 2.66 (B-)GRADE: 2.78 (B-)


  • Davey O’Brien Award (2022)
  • Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award (2022)
  • Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year (2022)
  • Second-team All-American (2022)
  • First-team All-Big 12 (2022)
  • 2nd most Pass Completions in Big XII (239)
  • 2nd most Pass Attempts in Big XII (368)
  • 3rd highest Pass Completion % in Big XII (64.9)
  • Most Passing Yards in Big XII (3321)
  • 8th highest Pass Efficiency Rating in the Nation (165.5)
    • Highest in Big XII
  • Best Game: v. Oklahoma
    • 23/33 | 302 Pass Yards | 3 TD | 5 att | 116 Rush Yards | 2 Rush TD
  • Worst Game:



+ Great deep ball ability can spread defenses and keep those safeties honest to the threat of an aerial bombardment
+ Ability to arc his throws to drop into his receivers is among the best in class
+ Has touch on passes to keep them firing off clean and arriving soft
+ Throwing mechanics are where you would want them
+ Range is acceptable but lackluster. possibly able to get it to 55 yards in a clean pocket but not much after that
– Pure arm strength is below average, Lacks the ability to throw far when in a compromised position
– Effective range outside of the pocket is below average, at best looking at a consistent 15-20 yards
– Lacks creativity on short and medium throws, often only looking for in the chest passes even if defenders are blanketed over his target
– Habit of airing passes out on the sideline, especially dangers cross-field as defenders have the time to crash on the route
– Struggles with ball placement, often hitting overhead throws, does not angle deliveries well and can put the ball in the dirt on low targets
– Slow wind up is a strip sack danger
– Not the best seller of play action


+ Good pocket sense and internal clock keeps him out of danger
+ Excellent vision, one of the few full-field passers in class
+ Sound decision-making ensures the ball is protected and the offense runs smoothly
+ Shows a level of consistency in play week to week and opponent to opponent
+ Levelheaded play keeps him focused and unshaken in key moments
+ Excellent experience, 4 year starter
+ Maturity in play best seen through his patience
+ Responsible with both ball and body
+ Quick and deep progressions, can be a 3-4 read QB in a proper offense
+ Shows sound improvisation skills, directing traffic and extending plays, can even take off when needed
+ Promising albeit inconsistent eye discipline
– Does not have a great grasp of where blitzes are coming from
– A reactive passer who seems to look for cues post-snap rather than one who understands the coverage scheme, can be seen going second option on a pass only to find the defender already playing the spot
– Struggles to keep tabs on defenders outside of his playing depth, Especially apparent with safeties robbing the top of routes or LBs who shift over to the play side
– Lacks foresight, does not key in on receivers who can break open instead waiting for them to finish and drop it further down leading to time between initial cut and time of delivery being spaced out


+ Excellent mobility needed to extend plays or become a threat himself
+ Can dance in the pocket without having to break, can allow his linemen to protect him longer
+ Tough player both physically and mentally
+ No durability issues to speak of
+ Projected forty time ~4.48s making for a quick prospect
+ Shifty enough to slide past rushers and escape pressure
– Lacks quick hands and imagination, making those Mahomes-esque throws beyond his abilities
– Acceptable but not a particularly great ball carrier, is not good enough to build an offense around his legs
– Can struggle with balance at times, leading to some awkwardly sharp cuts that end up causing him to trip up


Plays Like: Sam Howell

Draft Placement: 3-5 Rounds

Status: Long-Term Prospect

Ceiling: NFL Journeyman

Floor: Out of League

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