Scout Report – A.J. Brown

  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • College: Ole Miss Rebels
  • Pre-Draft Position Rank: 4 of 63

Age: 21, Height: 6’1, Weight: 230 lbs, Experience: 2 year college starter

Brown (1) builds his playstyle off his top-speed and willingness to catch over the middle
stats by


  • Ranked 7th in most receiving yards on the season (1,320)
  • Ranked 11th in most receptions (85)
  • 15.5 average yards per catch
  • Ranked 90th in receiving Touchdowns on the season (6)
  • Best Game: @Vanderbilt (L 29-36 OT)
    • 9 rec, 212 yards, 23,6 average yards per catch, 1 TD
  • Played 3 ranked opponents (0-3)
    • vs. #1 Alabama (L 7-62)
      • 4 rec, 34 yards
    • @ #5 LSU (L 16-45)
      • 9 rec, 72 yards
    • vs. #18 Miss State (L 3-35)
      • 4 rec, 61 yards
  • Conerly Trophy (2017)
  • 2x First-team All-SEC (20172018)


  • Keeps eyes open and up, looking for the ball as soon as he cuts
  • Possesses good top speed to get past corners and immediately target the safeties
  • good catching fundamentals, brings ball in quickly as soon as he secures to catch
  • catches with arms and not body
  • can be a major threat on intermediate and deep passes
  • has aggressive snaps on his routes to change directions, especially when going inside
  • Not afraid to go over the middle
  • Good stamina keeps him on the field when he is needed


  • Poor blocker
  • slow to change direction, especially on comeback routes
  • gives away plays when not a main target for passes
  • has trouble getting corner to bite on fakes
  • bubbles his routes to the sideline
  • hops to position instead of cutting back on comeback routes
  • has trouble adjusting to poor passes
  • slow to improvise when the QB scrambles and is looking for a playmaker
  • not a threat in the open field, will not pick up a lot of yards after the catch is made
  • stops running his route early when the QB takes off, keeping his defender in the play rather than clearing out or blocking

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: Mid 1st-early 2nd round
  • Plays like: JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • Ceiling: NFL Starter/ Keenen McCardell
  • Floor: Special Teams


There are two major components that make up Brown’s playstyle: 1) his willingness to go over the middle as well as to the sidelines, and 2) his top speed to get past slacking defenders. These are the pillars that make up what Brown can offer NFL teams at the next level. It should not be understated just how valuable a receiver willing to go over the middle is. Their bold play makes sure that all aspects of the field can be covered during pass plays, and their involvement can put pressure on LBs to respect the pass and stay in coverage. For the majority of this season, Brown has lined up at the slot, and was the main threat for over the middle passes, screens, motions, you name it. Because of this, it is easy to see how high Brown’s stamina is, and how long he can stay on the field, which should not be scoffed at. On top of this, Brown shows good glimpses of speed needed to zip past defenders and put pressure on the safeties to cover more ground when he takes off deep. When it comes to playmaking ability though, Brown is not the essential pick. What he can do after the catch is limited, and he does not show a lot of ability to pick up RAC yards in the open field. Brown is essentially a catcher who runs straight for as long as he can go before he is tackled. He does not dance, evade, or power through as well as some would hope for him to do. In addition to this, Brown is also not the best route runner on the outside. While his cuts to the inside are good enough, he tends to bubble his routes when he is heading to the sideline, drifting toward that direction rather than cleanly cutting there. This keeps the corner on him easier, and telegraphs his intended destination to the safety over the top. He is also a poor off-ball player, barely giving out blocks to his teammates, and halfheartedly running routes where he will not be the intended receiver. It makes watching a tad frustrating knowing what this guy can do, but watching him more or less take plays off. He would fit into a good passing system, allowing for him to pressure any slot corners or OLB’s who must guard him, but any team with an emphasis on running the ball should look elsewhere; Brown is a physical player, but he is not a blocker.

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