Scout Report – Quinnen Williams

  • Position: Defensive Tackle (Nose and 3-Tech)
  • College: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Pre-Draft Position Rank: 1 of 29

Age: 21, Height: 6’4, Weight: 295 lbs, experience: 2 years (college)

Run or Pass, Williams (92) can always be counted on to put the pressure on the pocket
  • Average Offense Rank: 49.1
  • Average Pass Offense Rank: 58.9
  • Average Run Offense Rank: 49.6


  • Ranked 5th in Sacks in the SEC Conference for the 2018 season (8)
    • 34th in the nation
  • Recorded the second most Tackles for Loss in the SEC conference on the season (20)
  • Best Game: @ #3 LSU (W 29-0)
    • 10 total tackles (7 solo), 3.5 TFL, 2.5 sacks
  • Played against 6 ranked opponents
    • #22 Texas A&M
    • #3 LSU
    • #16 Mississippi State
    • #4 Georgia
    • #4 Oklahoma
    • #2 Clemson
  • Played against 7 Top-25 offenses in the nation
    • vs. Arkansas State (W 57-7)
    • @ Ole Miss (W 62-7)
    • vs. #22 Texas A&M (W 45-23)
    • vs. Missouri (W 39-10)
    • vs. #4 Georgia (W 35-28)
    • vs. #4 Oklahoma (W 45-34)
    • vs. #2 Clemson (L 16-44)
  • Played against 4 Top-25 passing offenses in the nation
    • vs. Arkansas State, ranked 21st
    • @ Ole Miss, ranked 5th
    • vs. Missouri, ranked 22nd
    • vs. #4 Oklahoma, ranked 7th
  • Played against 6 Top-25 rushing offenses in the nation
    • vs. #22 Texas A&M, ranked 21st
    • vs. Louisiana, ranked 22nd
    • vs. #16 Mississippi State, ranked 20th
    • vs. #4 Georgia, ranked 16th
    • vs. #4 Oklahoma, ranked 11th
    • vs. #2 Clemson, ranked 10th
  • CFP national champion (2017)
  • SEC Champion (2018)
  • Outland Trophy (2018)
  • Unanimous All-American (2018)
  • First-Team All-SEC (2018)


  • Quick hands can get past slower linemen
  • Keeps eyes up, reading the play through contact
  • Can provide good penetration in one-on-one situations
  • Uses length to maintain presence in holes in vicinity, making for a constant threat to the inside run
  • Disruptive force that can cause problems for power run, as ability to penetrate makes covering for the pulling lineman difficult
  • Has surprisingly good chase down speed, keeps QBs running even when out of the pocket


  • Slow initial burst off the snap
  • Stops feet after initial shed attempt fails
  • Gets caught up in congestion too easily, will use techniques not suited for congested areas (i.e. using a spin move as a Nose and running into his teammate)
  • Unimpressive motor, does not play through the entirety of the play, sometimes takes plays off
  • Gets stood up easily on face up blocks
  • Inconsistent against the double team, has trouble holding ground
  • Does not possess adequate body control, allows the blocker to dictate positioning and direction, as opposed to forcing movement

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: Top 3
  • Plays like: Gerald McCoy
  • Ceiling: NFL All-Pro/ Haloti Ngata
  • Floor: NFL Backup


Williams is quite a versatile player, being used by Alabama to play nose, 3-tech, and even Defensive End from time to time. What he brings to the table is a powerful ability to break through the pocket, and his heads up playstyle that can shut down runs to the inside. Williams is the type of player that can singlehandedly contain both A gaps if he is needed to do so, and that level of range in his playmaking ability can be improved as he takes the next step to the pros. Playing for Alabama meant playing against some tough competition throughout the season, and the fact that seven of the fifteen games played on the season featured top ranked offenses pairs well with the fact Williams has been dominant throughout the year. Williams plays with a level of disruption that would benefit any scheme, as his ability pressure the pocket in one on one situations makes him a problem that should regularly be double teamed, but at the same time, his ability to cover the inside run, make him a dream pick for a solid nose. The only major aspect of his game that will immediately hinder him coming into the league is his inconsistency against the double team; specifically the fact he struggles to hold his ground against the double team. Even against some less than stellar offenses such as LSU (who ranked 69th in total offense, and 59th in running), Williams was able to be pushed back a few yards off a double team when playing the nose. This is a massive issue for any defensive front, as the Nose is the first line of defense against the inside run, so if that line is getting pushed back more than once in a game, it can help to establish a run game for the offense.Williams doesn’t even need to learn to break through double teams at the moment, though that would be beneficial for obvious reasons. The main aspect of his game that needs work is to maintain ground when he is met with the double team, as even if he cannot act, the simple act of not moving can force the runner to adjust, or stall in the backfield to look for another hole. Physically, Williams has problems with footwork and his initial burst off the snap. He is not exspecially quick off the snap, and while his jump is pretty swift when he does do it, there are times he is one of the last linemen to move once the snap occurs. Even if it is only by a split second, this allows the linemen to work towards advantageous positioning, and can force Williams to play on their terms rather than dictate tempo when contact is initiated. Do not let this fool you though, Williams is a top 3 prospect coming into this draft, and it can be argued just as easily for Williams to go first overall as it can for Bosa.

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