Scout Report – Tua Tagovailoa

  • Position: Quarterback – Dual Threat
  • Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 2 of 11
  • NFL Draft Tracker Pos. Rank:

Age: 21* | Height: 6’1 | Weight: 218 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Baker Mayfield

QB at a Glance: Pass-First Scrambler with deadly accuracy, a sharp mind, and a high development level.



  • Pocket: ~50 yards
  • On the Run: ~30 yards
  • Acc-Run: ~25 yards
  • Pressure: –
  • Acc-Pressure: –
  • Arm Range: >20 yards


  • Extremely talented passer with accuracy that is deadly on all points and distances of the field
  • Quick, disciplined hands make anything from PA/RPO, to pump fakes deadly against defenders
  • Solid throwing mechanics with a tight elbow and hips that can release the ball quickly
  • Makes a point to maintain balance with a nice base and center of gravity
  • Extremely mobile when he breaks the pocket
  • High Top speed, one of the fastest for the QB position
  • Excellent ball placement, can take the defender out of the play or lead the receiver to extra yards
  • Footwork is astounding, keeping himself balanced while also maintaining his maneuverability 
  • Maintains accuracy on the run up to roughly 25 yards
  • Can put heat on a throw to get the ball there, or a little finesse
  • Excellent vision to see all the levels of the field, shows to have wide peripherals
  • 2 year starter with experience playing in the National Championship
  • Maintained consistency in playmaking despite fluctuating usage rate
  • Excellent defensive awareness to see all levels of coverage, rarely caught off guard by the wandering safety or sly LB
  • Speed of progressions extremely fast, can go through up to three accurate reads within the first 4 seconds
  • Decision Making is excellent, does not force the ball anywhere he does not need to
  • Definition of a Pass-first scrambler or a True Dual Threat QB
  • Matured sense of patience to see what the defense gives him
  • Underrated Mental Toughness keeps him constantly coming back for more after he goofs
  • Has a strong awareness of pre-snap reads and where defenders are positioning themselves
  • Strong eye to see what defensive coverage is being used and finding the holes to exploit
  • Best pocket maneuverability in the draft class thanks to his very agile feet and mobile threat
  • Effective range on the run at about 30 yards


  • Extremely risky with injury concerns and durability problems throughout his career
  • Can be oblivious to when the pocket is broken by extra blitzers
  • Loses considerable accuracy when pressured
  • Can be lackadaisical with the ball when he takes off
  • Underwhelming improvisor, does not direct traffic as well as you would like for a scrambler
  • Fairly weak arm strength to launch the ball any farther than 20 yards off arm alone
  • Surprisingly lacking in sack evasion compared to other dual threat QBs in the draft
  • Range in the pocket pretty lackluster, set at around 50 yards or less
  • Slightly below Ideal height at 6’1

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 1st – 2nd Round
  • Plays Like: Teddy Bridgewater
  • Ceiling: NFL All-Pro
  • Floor: One-time NFL Starter/Career backup


A perfect example of a pass-first scrambler, Tua has the ability to really make a splash in the NFL with his extremely high development level and deadly ability to pass the ball. More of a passer than Lamar Jackson, but the with the same potential deadliness on the run, the only major red flag for Tua is the concern over injuries.

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