Scout Report – Jake Fromm

  • Position: Quarterback – Pocket Passer
  • College: Georgia Bulldogs
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 3 of 11
  • NFL Draft Tracker position Rank:

Age: 21 | Height: 6’2 | Weight: 220 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Andy Dalton

Player at a Glance: Promising Pocket Passing QB with high upside and mature sense of the game, though not as flashy as his peers


  • 4th most pass attempts in the SEC (385)
  • 5th most pass completions in the SEC (234)
  • 5th highest pass completion percentage in the SEC (60.8%)
  • 4th most passing yards in the SEC (2,860)
  • 4th most passing TDs in the SEC (24)
  • 10th most career passing TDs in SEC history (78)
  • 4th highest passing efficiency rating in the SEC (141.2)
  • 10th highest career pass efficiency rating in SEC history (156.2)
  • Best Game: v. #6 Florida (W 24-17)
    • 20/30 | 66.7% | 279 pass yds | 2 TD – 0 INT | 3 att | 12 rush yds
  • Worst Game: v. South Carolina (L 20-17 2OT)
    • 28/51 | 54.9% | 295 pass yds | 1 TD – 3 INT | 6 att | 6 rush yds
  • 8,224 career passing yards rank fourth on UGA’s all-time list
  • 78 career TD passes put him in second place on UGA’s all-time list
  • Ranks 4th and 5th, respectively, on UGA’s lists of career completions and attempts
  • SEC Freshman of the Year (2017)
  • Rose Bowl Champion (2018)
  • SEC Champion (2017)
  • USA Today High School All-American (2016)


  • Pocket: ~55 yards
  • Range-Run: ~40 yards
  • Acc – Run: ~30 yards
  • Arm Strength: ~35 yards


  • Has the necessary mobility to pick up a few extra yards should he need to
  • Moves seamlessly through the pocket with fluid steps and maintained balance
  • Disciplined eyes continually scans the field to find the open man
  • Quick to identify man coverage and attack the weak link
  • Intelligent play can draw flags against overly aggressive corners
  • Can maneuver the pocket with consistency while maintaining his base to throw the pass
  • Adequate anticipation to know a receiver will be open in the future, rather than abandoning the read
  • Excellent short range accuracy
  • Can identify where the blitz is coming from and make alterations to the play
  • Promising ability to improvise when the play breaks down and direct traffic
  • Effective at going through progressions and moving on if the initial read is not there
  • Has the awareness to know where his weapons are on the field, and the vision to keep track of them
  • Average size of an NFL QB at 6’2, 220 lbs
  • Ideal experience level as a 3-year starter
  • Matured sense of decision making, does not force throws or play risky with the ball
  • Stays composed under less than ideal situations
  • Excellent use of ball placement and trajectory
  • Good awareness of where the coverage is playing, and attacking the gaps
  • Can put heat on the pass to keep the arch low on medium to long range throws
  • Stellar touch on the pass, clean spirals and easily catchable balls riddle his highlights
  • Dangerous accuracy on the medium and deep passes when in the pocket
  • No injury concerns to speak of
  • Pretty respectable arm strength with the ability to chuck the ball up to 35 yards off arm alone
  • Throw mechanics include a tense elbow, high release, short wind up, and rotation of the shoulder and midsection without the hips
  • Average range in the pocket at about 55 yards
  • Good range on the run at 40 yards, with effective accuracy of up to 30
  • Good pocket presence with a strong understanding of how much time he has to work with
  • Solid footwork to keep himself balanced with a nice even stride through the pocket
  • Can maintain respectable range under pressure at 40 yards


  • Likes to force throws into tight windows over the middle, especially in the redzone
  • Doesn’t always show that level of patience you would like from a pocket passer
  • Seems to lose track of the deep safety on more than a few occurrences, throwing passes to the deep man that is dangerously close to where the safety is positioned
  • Noticeably accuracy drop when pressured
  • Not a ball carrier, low top speed and little evasiveness make his attempts at taking off only good for a few extra yards
  • Saw significant drop in completions as the season went on despite trend for attempts increasing
  • Less than ideal accuracy under pressure with only about 25 yards of effective range if compromised
  • Has a problem evading sacks when the defender gets close enough to make a play
  • Effectiveness on the field sees massive spikes and dips based on the opposition

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: Late 1st – Early 2nd Round
  • Plays Like: Jared Goff
  • Ceiling: NFL All Pro
  • Floor: One-Time Starter

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