Scout Report – Khalil Tate

  • Position: Quarterback – Scrambler
  • College: Arizona Wildcats
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 11 of 11
  • NFL Draft Tracker Position Rank:

Age: 21 | Height: 6’2 | Weight: 216 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Deshaun Watson

QB at a glance: Strong Arm Scrambler who is behind in almost every other facet of the game and relies on his legs too much to bail him out.


  • 3rd most INTs in the Pac-12 (11)
  • 5th most rushing yards in the Pac-12 (1,411)
  • Best Game: @ Colorado (W 35-30)
    • 31/41 | 75.6% comp | 404 pass yds | 3 TD – 1 INT | 4 att | 23 rush yds
  • Worst Game: @ USC (L 14-41)
    • 7/11 | 63.6% comp | 51 pas yds | 0 TD – 0 INT | 9 att | -27 rush yds
  • 2018 Preseason Watch Lists: Walter Camp, Davey O’Brien, Maxwell and Manning Awards.
  • 2017 Manning Award Finalist
  • 2017 Maxwell Award Semifinalist
  • 2017 Davey O’Brien Award Semifinalist


  • Athletic abilities make him a hassle to keep contained when he wants to move
  • Can be a dangerous runner in the open field
  • Shows consistency with the medium range pass, easily his go to spot is the right side
  • Has an absolute cannon for an arm, able to sling the ball 60 yards while on the run
  • Easily chucks the ball 60+ yards when in the pocket
  • Arm strength extremely high, can easily toss the ball 30+ yards off arm strength alone, very useful when he is compromised
  • Excellent pocket maneuverability to move away from the pressure
  • Uncanny sense of knowing when the pressure is coming and where it is coming from
  • Average size for an NFL QB at 6’2, 215 lbs
  • Excellent sack evasion, difficult to bring down, especially outside of the pocket
  • Surprisingly quite accurate on the deep ball and outside of the pocket
  • 3-year starter is ideal for experience
  • Promising use of ball placement, but not a regular weapon in his repertoire
  • Can put heat on the pass to get it to his receivers in a hurry
  • High top speed is a plus when he decides to take off
  • Plays with a physically tough mentality, does not shy away from contact and does not flinch to pressure
  • Shows potential with his pocket presence


  • Less accurate than you would like on short routes and bubble screens
  • Reckless with the ball when running with it, palming it and carrying away from body
  • Undisciplined when it comes to keeping himself balanced, will run with entire torso leaning rather than centered. Tripping a legitimate problem with him
  • Does not have eye discipline, constantly taking his eyes off the play and losing track of his receivers
  • Lacks a wide vision to see the entire field
    Reactive passer, does not seem to understand or recognize defensive coverages post-snap
  • Slow on progressions, usually gets stuck on second read before he is compromised
  • Durability an issue as injuries recur
  • Lacks the ability to use trajectories effectively, usually throwing passes higher than needed and making his receivers jump for them
  • Only eyes one side of the field, will rarely be able to look to the opposite side if nothing is available
  • Relies too heavily on his legs to bail him out, making his development level as a passer lower than others
  • Weak footwork makes his movements telegraphed and easy to read, again tripping is a legitimate problem he suffers from in game
  • Pre-snap reads almost non-existent
  • Decision Making is questionable at times
  • Extremely inconsistent in usage, efficiency, and playmaking ability
  • Surprisingly lackluster at improvising for a scrambler 

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 7th Round
  • Plays Like: Cardale Jones
  • Ceiling: 4 & Out
  • Floor: Undrafted

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