Scout Report – Steven Montez

  • Position: QB – Pocket Passer
  • College: Colorado Buffaloes
  • Gridiron Guy Position Rank: 10 of 11
  • NFL Draft Tracker pos. Rank:

Age: 22 | Height: 6’5 | Weight: 230 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Philip Rivers

Player at a Glance: A pretty average QB with solid throwing mechanics and a potential for some playmaking ability that is underdeveloped in the mental aspect of his game and quite inaccurate for a potential NFL prospect.


  • 3rd most pass attempts in the Pac-12 (405)
  • 5th most completions in the Pac-12 (255)
  • 6th highest pass completion percentage in the Pac-12 (63%)
  • Best Game: @ #24 Arizona State (W 34-31)
    • 23/30 | 76.7% | 337 pass yds | 3 TD – 0 INT | 2 att | 10 rush yds
  • Worst Game: @ #13 Oregon (L 3-45)
    • 19/34 | 55.9% | 131 pass yds | 0 TD – 4 INT | 3 att | 12 rush yds
  • Golden Arm Award Top 20 Finalist


  • Pocket: ~50
  • Range – Run: ~30
  • Acc Run: ~30
  • Arm Strength: ~25


  • Throws with tense elbows and sharp shoulders/hips, giving himself a quick release that does not lose effectiveness when throwing on the run 
  • Has the mobility to take it to the sideline if needed
  • Solid stance and footwork keeps him in a position to throw passes at any point regardless of his position on the field
  • Can put heat on the ball, getting deep without having to give it air
  • Acceptable Pocket Presence, though nothing to write home about
  • Can be effective on the run, with a range of 50 yards, though his accuracy is spotty past 30
  • Decision Making is average compared to his peers
  • 3 year starter with considerable experience
  • Range in the pocket is only 50, making it acceptable, but considerably shorter than others in his draft class
  • Can put the ball where it needs to be when throwing deep
  • Tall stature at 6’5 and within ideal weight at 230 lbs
  • Active going through progressions and eyeing the field
  • No injury history to speak of
  • Adequate pocket maneuverability


  • Does not try to evade any sacks, simply taking the loss
  • Impatient demeanor on deep routes, tries to force throws to the outside before they develop
  • Plays with a gunslinger mentality, challenging coverage when he does not need to and trying to string passes through tight windows
  • Lacking awareness of where the defense is positioned post-snap, has been caught throwing passes low over LB coverage, resulting in INTs
  • Lacks vision to see a wide space of the field
  • Relies too much on throwing deep on press coverage to draw the flag
  • Below accuracy on short passes, either throws behind or throws overhead
  • Little to no pre-snap reads
  • Runs with ball extended away from the body, easy target for strips
  • Passes past about 25 yards have a high arch on them, allowing for defenders to close the gap
  • Poor accuracy and ball placement make any throw outside of perfectly ideal situations risky
  • Throws off his back-foot way too often
  • Poor faker on PA/RPO
  • Not a superb ballcarrier if asked to pick up yardage
  • Incredibly inconsistent in effectiveness for a QB with nine game of 30+ attempts
  • Does not have the strength to make compromised throws with arm strength alone
  • Can be shaken when under pressure, does not have that poise you would like
  • Slow to identify coverage schemes, making for some rather drawn out plays

Bold Predictions:

  • Draft Placement: 5th round
  • Plays Like:
  • Ceiling: 4 & Out
  • Floor: Undrafted


With little in the way of range, an underdeveloped mental game, and bad habits, Montez is a huge project player with a lot of time needed to develop his game for the next level. He has little presence on the field, and a lacking ability to make plays happen or be a legitimate weapon for the offense. Should he be drafted as a project player to a well established team, he would find the best success there, but as he is now, it is unlikely he will be an immediate impact in the foreseeable future.

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