Scout Report – Spencer Rattler

  • Position: QB – Strong Arm Gunslinger
  • College: South Carolina
  • Position Rank: 4 of 10

Height: 6’1 | Weight: 215
NFL Size Comparison: Baker Mayfield

QB at a Glance: One of the best pure passers in this year’s class who mainly suffers from character questions

Arm Strength: APocker Presence: B+Mobility: B+
Range/Pocket: AVision: A- (FF)Pocket Maneuver: B
Range/Run: ADecision-making: C+Durability: A-
Short Acc: C-Consistency: C-Size: B-
Med Acc: BPoise under Pressure: B-Top Speed: C
Deep Acc: B+Experience: BSleight of Hand: B+
Sideline Acc: C-Blitz Radar: BSack Evasion: B
Acc/Run: BPatience: C+Toughness: B
Ball Placement: BIdentify Coverage: CBallcarrier Ability: B
Ball Trajectory: BPre-snap Reads: C+Strength: B
Touch on Pass: BRecklessness/Ball: C+Power: C
Throw Mech: A-Recklessness/Body: B-Stamina: B
Footwork: ADef Position Awareness: CBalance: B+
Sell PA/RPO: B-Progressions: B
Zip on Pass: A-Improvisation: B+
Anticipation: B+
Eye Discipline: B
GRADE: 3.10 (B)GRADE: 2.71 (B-)GRADE: 2.95 (B)


  • 2× Big 12 Champion (20192020)[1]
  • 2020 Big 12 Championship MVP
  • First-team All-Big 12 (2020)
  • 4th most Pass Completions in SEC (233)
  • 5th most Pass Attempts in SEC (350)
  • Most Interceptions Thrown in SEC (11)
  • Best Game: v. Tennessee
    • 30/37 | 438 Pass Yards | 6 TD | 5 att | 16 Rush Yards | 1 rec | 15 Rec Yards
  • Worst Game: v. Georgia
    • 13/25 | 118 Pass Yards | 2 INT | 2 att | 8 Rush Yards



+ Excellent Range in the pocket and on his feet, probably the strongest arm in the draft
+ Can hit medium to deep range with consistency
+ Playmaking ability allows him to get the ball to his receivers in stride when out of the pocket, forcing coverage to stay with their man instead of stepping up to meet him on the scramble
+ Complex throws are routine, can use a receiver’s full range of motion and angles to keep the ball away from tight coverage or punish lagging defenders
+ Great touch on passes
+ Clean and smooth throwing mechanics that rarely leave him regardless of situation he finds himself in
+ Amazing footwork for a draft prospect, keeps a strong base to maintain range or keep the threat of a run in his backpocket
+ Easy seller of PA/RPO, can make a good amount of LBs bite on his fakes
+ Excellent at squeezing throws into tight windows downfield, exceptional heat on throws given his development level
– Can struggle to keep his short range tosses catchable, often putting too much heat on them than necessary resulting in receivers having to adjust to the throw rather than turn and go
– Sidelines can be a headache, often putting heat on throws but not angles which result in bullets that arrive low


+ Feels the integrity of the pocket with consistency and understands when to bail out
+ Full field passer who can play sideline-to-sideline
+ Keeps a level head on tough situations allowing for some clutch plays
+ Ideal experience as a 3-year starter with experience in playoffs and conference championships
+ Great at spotting the blitz and adjusting away from it
+ Does not gamble with his body too much, do not need to worry about him injuring himself
+ 3-4 level progressions allow him to play the entire field while keeping his targets in sight
+ Excellent improviser can make any defense pay for the tiniest mistakes
+ Has solid grasp of passing concepts, capable of throwing his receivers open or hitting spots that will be open on the cut
+ Keeps eyes downfield even when flushed or compromised, resulting in some highlight reel plays
– Likes to gamble with the ball, very much a gunslinger mentality
– Shows notable drop in consistency from week-to-week, especially in trap games and high-level opposition
– Impatience still plagues his style of play, resulting in him attempting tight throws that otherwise should be passed up. especially apparent in vertical concepts as he will force a fade unnecessarily even when he has time
– Can be fooled on coverage bluffs, especially struggles with shifts coming down a level
– Inconsistent on spotting cover keys pre-snap, has been seen forcing quick throws against coverage that was already sitting on the snap
– Struggles to keep track of coverage when trying to play levels, safeties or cushioned corners can crash down on routes and he will not notice until the ball is already out
– Personality question marks have plagued him since high school


+ Mobility is a strong asset used regularly
+ Dances in the pocket without breaking it, can keep his protection without having to bail
+ No significant durability concerns to speak of
+ OK size, within average weight range but 2 inches shorter
+ Quick hands can make some pretty unorthodox passes, pitches, and laterals to his teammates
+ Nimble enough to escape sacks in pinches, especially if the defender is coming in compromised
+ Shows toughness in line with his playstyle
+ Not afraid to run with the ball and comfortable being a runner
+ Strong for his position group
+ Balance is good, can be seen shifting and twirling without falling over
– Projected forty time of ~4.88s is nothing special, will not beat most defenders in a foot race
– No notable show of power


Plays Like: Jameis Winston

Draft Placement: 2-4 Rounds

Status: Short-Term Project

Ceiling: NFL All-Pro

Floor: NFL Backup (XFL Starter)

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