Scouting Report – Anthony Richardson

  • Position: QB – Dual Threat Gunslinger
  • College: Florida
  • Position Rank: 5 of 10

Height: 6’4 | Weight: 232 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Jameis Winston

QB at a Glance: Physically gifted QB who lacks the experience of a field general

Arm Strength: A-Pocket Presence: BMobility: A
Range/Pocket: BVision: B- (HF)Pocket Maneuver: B-
Range/Run: B+Decision-making: C+Durability: A
Short Acc: DConsistency: C+Size: A
Medium Acc: BPoise under Pressure: B-Top Speed: A
Deep Acc: A-Experience: DSleight of Hand: B-
Sideline Acc: DBlitz Radar: BSack Evasion: B
Acc/Run: BPatience: C+Toughness: A
Ball Placement: B-Identify Coverage: B-Ballcarrier Ability: B
Ball Trajectory: BPre-snap Reads: BStrength: B+
Touch on Passes: CRecklessness/Ball: C+Power: B
Throw Mech: BRecklessness/Body: CStamina: B
Footwork: C+Def Position Awareness: C+Balance:B-
Sell PA/RPO: BProgressions: B-
Zip on Pass: AImprovisation: B
Anticipation: C
Eye Discipline: B-
GRADE: 2.63 (B-)GRADE: 2.47 (C+)GRADE: 3.34 (B+)


  • 1-Year starter



+ Strong arm to gun it downfield
+ Excellent range both in pocket and when on the run
+ Accuracy within the medium range is acceptable
+ Among the best in class at making plays deep
+ Capable of hitting receivers in stride when breaking the pocket, forcing coverage to commit to coverage
+ Promising ball placement though a little inconsistent on usage
+ Arm strength allows for some high angle passes to be used to drop ball into receivers arms
+ Solid throwing mechanics
+ Forces LBs to commit to the run even on play action
+ Can put extreme heat on the pass, getting downfield instantly
– Passes can be all over the place when asked to pass out of 1-step drops, these include throws behind target, low to the ground, too much heat, or overhead
– Sidelines have been a problem, struggles to properly place throws for receivers, often either throwing it too low and forcing them to adjust, or sending it so high as to deliver it right out of bounds
– Struggles to keep tight spirals on his throws, can see some pretty ugly wobbles coming out
– Has a habit of planting himself in the pocket with a narrow base, lowering his balance and reducing his effective range


+ Great feel for the pocket, seems to have that internal clock that tells him when to throw or when to break off
+ Has good vision to see where his receivers are, can be seen taking advantage of backside crosses if given the time
+ Has the potential to be a clutch player
+ Seems to be able to locate the blitzer and get away
+ Can find the cover tell and attack the hole, has been shown to direct his targets to those spots
+ 2-3 level progressions with potential to be greater
+ Dangerous improviser who both uses his feet and directs traffic from the scramble
+ Can keep eyes up when under pressure to find any receivers gaining distance
– Tends to go through the motions on some plays, throwing it up for his receivers to make something happen
– Struggles to maintain consistency against high level opponents
– Nonexistent experience compared to peers as only a 1-year starter
– Can get a little antsy on longer plays, sometimes deciding to force the matter rather than letting the play develop
– Can be reckless with both ball and body, forcing throws as well as refusing to slide
– Can lose defenders, especially lower levels, can be caught off-guard by LBs sitting underneath routes
– Lacks the anticipation to see where the opening will be, instead only being able to throw when the receivers are already open


+ Excellent mobility to make things happen with his feet
+ Maneuverability comes from natural athletic ability
+ No durability concerns to speak of
+ Excellent size, within ideal position range
+ Projected forty time around 4.45s, giving him excellent top speed of a QB
+ Potential playmaking ability from his quick hands
+ Size and mobility make for a headache to tackle
+ Extremely tough player both mentally and physically, will not back down
+ Ability to run the ball is a strong asset
+ Shows signs of being a stronger individual than others in his position
+ Running style and ability to fight through wrap-ups show evidence of adequate power


Plays Like: Deshaun Watson

Draft Placement: 2-3 Rounds

Status: Short-Term Project

Ceiling: NFL Starter

Floor: Out of League

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