Scout Report – Jayden Daniels

  • Position: QB – Playmaking Scrambler
  • College: LSU
  • Position Rank: 6 of 10

Height: 6’3 | Weight: 200 lbs
NFL Size Comparison: Brett Rypien

QB at a Glance: Excellent playmaker with the intelligence to protect the ball and run the offense

Arm Strength: C-Pocket Presence: C+Mobility: A
Range/Pocket: C-Vision: B- (P-FF)Pocket Maneuver: C+
Range/Run: C+Decision-making: BDurability: A-
Short Acc: C+Consistency: BSize: B+
Med Acc: BPoise under Pressure: BTop Speed: A-
Deep Acc: B+Experience: ASleight of Hand: B-
Sideline Acc: C-Blitz Radar: B-Sack Evasion: B+
Acc/Run: B-Patience: B-Toughness: A
Ball Placement: CIdentify Coverage: B-Ballcarrier Ability: A-
Ball Trajectory: CPre-snap Reads: B-Strength: B
Touch on Pass: C-Recklessness/Ball: B+Power: B
Throw Mech: BRecklessness/Body: CStamina: A-
Footwork: BDef Position Awareness: BBalance: A
Sell PA/RPO: B-Progressions: C
Zip on Pass: B-Improvisation: C
Anticipation: C+
Eye Discipline: B-
GRADE: 2.36 (C+)GRADE: 2.73 (B-)GRADE: 3.46 (B+)


  • 3rd most Pass Completions in SEC (254)
  • 3rd most Pass Attempts in SEC (371)
  • 2nd highest Completion % in SEC (68.5)
  • 5th most Passing Yards in SEC (2774)
  • Best Game: @ Florida
    • 23/32 | 349 Pass Yards | 3 TD | 14 att | 44 Rush Yards | 3 Rush TD
  • Worst Game: @ Arkansas
    • 8/15 | 89 Pass Yards | 1 INT | 19 att | 10 Rush Yards



+ Targets at medium and deep range can be hit with consistency
+ Shows promise on running throws
+ Solid throwing mechanics
+ Footwork acceptable, maintains good base to allow for maneuvering within and outside the pocket
+ Sells the play action well
+ Can put some fire behind his throws when needed, capable of squeezing some into tight windows
– Less than stellar range, struggling to get passes beyong 50 yards within having to put entire body behind it, range sits consistently at 45 yards
– Range out of pocket is not ideal, can struggle to put some distance on compromised passes making for potential easy pickings for LBs sitting
– Far-side throws tend to have too much air on them, taking precious extra seconds to get to theirs targets
– Does not attempt ot utilize the entire radius of the receiver to keep passes away from defenders, will throw passes within the chest even when a cover guy is right there
– Wobbly passes can still plague his otherwise good mechanics


+ Promising vision with potential to be a full field passer, though was not asked to do that much
+ All-in-all intelligent player who shows good judgement with the ball
+ Plays will a level of consistency, does not struggle with being streaky
+ Keeps level head during times of pressure, both in-game and game situations
+ Among the most experienced of the class with 4 years under his belt as a starter
+ Capable of recognizing blitz direction and adjusting the offense and his drops accordingly
+ Shows good patience to let plays develop rather than trying to force something
+ Seems to have an understanding of the coverage used against him, can be seen targeting positions to make defenders pay
+ Keeps tabs on levels while under center, will not struggle with creeping LBs or safeties
+ Capable of keeping eyes up when rushed
– Lacks consistent pocket presence, can lose track of edge at times making for some strange hits
– Does not always take care of his body during games, will sacrifice himself for extra yardage even when he is not in a do-or-die situation
– Shallow progressions, usually only hits second read before improvisation
– Does not improvise to the best of his ability, if he decides to break the pocket he tends to put his head down and commit to the run, does not direct traffic as he rolls out
– Less than ideal anticipation, will not throw to spots that will be open as play progresses, instead looking for target already open


+ Excellent mobility to run or roll if and when it is needed
+ No durability issues to speak of
+ Within ideal height for position at 6’3
+ projectected forty time of a 4.5 put him among the fastest of the class
+ Has quick hands when needed, but not a part of his usual repertoire
+ Shifty, can make defenders slip off
+ Tough cookie, does not shy away from the hits
+ Excellent at picking up extra yardage when he tucks it in and runs
+ Shows promising strength and power in his play
– Roughly 20 lbs underweight to the average NFL QB
– Struggles to maneuver within the pocket without breaking, causes him to sometimes leave his protection when the pocket starts to bend


Plays Like: Colin Kaepernick

Draft Placement: 3-5 Rounds

Status: Long-Term Project

Ceiling: NFL Journeyman

Floor: Out of League/XFL Starter

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